Dear Internets,


Back packs have now become my fall back staple accessory. Before you start asking “who ARE you?“, bear in mind “mum” is a resounding part of the answer. When you have to carry nappies, wipes and half chewed snacks in zip lock bags, I can think of nothing better than candy coating it in a beautiful back pack. That way I can pretend there are actually novels, notebooks and dark chocolate inside it instead.


You won’t be seeing any Billibong or Rip curl back packs on me however. Those were the backpacks of my high school years. Now I’m pressing my nose against the Louis Vuitton window ogling the Bosphore and Palk. Sure they sound like Ikea furniture but these babies are in a league of their own.


Shy of that, and believe me I’m quite shy ( $$ ), All I want is something with:

  • A functional close
  • durable material
  • simple and classic
  • big enough to fit everything unless it’s that chanel one…then who cares


Fortunately there are budget friendly options out there that allow you to keep those hands free for important things like eating a burger. Check those out and for more deets on the images, follow us on Pinterest.
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Dear Internets,

Skagen satchel

It’s been a while now since I’ve fallen in love with the Danish style ethos which clashes with my personal style. It crept in with a few items from Ikea and now it’s infiltrated my accessories. I blame Skagen and their impossibly slim watches with a beautiful story and heritage. Easily explained away by my love for watches. THEN I attended the launch for their newly released bags and jewelry.

Skagen weave tote in sand

Transcending seasons, the black, stone, grey and sand leathers are sleek, simple and timeless. The brand draws it’s inspiration for it’s namesake town and the colours, textures and lifestyle entrenched in it’s surroundings. Their biggest customers are those return to the quality and consistency you can seldom rely on in a trend driven environment. For me it’s the dulcid hues and buttery soft texture that melts my steely resolve not to shop, as soon as I spot them. Exclusive to David Jones, you may even find yourself pacing suspiciously past them on your lunch break. I opted for the less creepy but equally strange enduring embrace when I spotted the Skagen Anja tote weave.


Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle was more of a Skagen Mikkeline satchel girl and champagne girl on the night but then who wouldn’t be? The launch on the seventh floor of the Elizabeth street David Jones was beautiful. We got a lovely taste of what Skagen was all about, at the ‘hygge  complete with little handmade Froebel stars for our Christmas tree (how to here).

Skagen jewellery

Perhaps if I buy hubs (hater of wearing watches) a Skagen which is functional without felling cumbersome, my multiple bag purchases will be less noticeable. That’s how fashion maths works right? On the other hand Christmas is coming up and I’ve been very good. Maybe I can give Santa a little hand because I’m sure he’s very busy.

Skagen satchel

Wearing feat Sakegen Bag:

Maxi dress : The perfect LBD
Bag : Skagen s14 Mikkeline satchel
Jacket : Elliatt
Sandals : Betts (similar)

& Don’t forget to enter:



Dear Internets,

Father’s day has always been a challenging one when it comes to gifts but this year spells double trouble with it being the first one for hubs. Add to that the fact that kidlet is sick and the standard response to the question “what would you like for father’s day?

Hubby: Hugs and kisses (awwww but not helpful)
Dad: I have everything I need…don’t waste your money unless it’s on a new car for me

All that means on my end is a little last minute shopping on my end. In case you are in the same boat, here are some of the gifts the men in my life are getting this year and some they’ve received in the past, just in time for late night shopping.


Kids bicycle seat: for the active dad who loves taking the kids along for the ride.
Puma work out grip bag: for the dad who wants to stay in shape.
Skagen Activ watch: for the man who hates jewellery but needs to be on time. Skagen is the perfect slimline non-bulky option
Tickets to Cricket/Soccer: for the sports fan dad…at least you’ll get some peace while they cheer on their team.
Peter Alexander robe: for the dad who gets up in the middle of the night to tend to the kids (however rarely it occurs)
Fitbit Flex wireless activity tracker: for the tech dad who likes to stay on top of things
Phillips Hairclippers: for the man who keeps asking you to cut his hair.
Johnnie Walker black: for the dad who likes to wind down on a friday night.

Hopefully these suggestions will help you with your last minute shopping. If you want to win some speakers for him, check out our easy giveaway here.