Dear Internets,


This season the influx of Evil Twin in my wardrobe suggests I’ve officially joined the evil army. It started just like all good tattoo sleeves, with something small; a rant about my love for their sucker punch campaign. Once the purchases began, it didn’t take a detective to prove our devotion. Here are the facts:

  1. The= recent outfit post featuring the Evil Twin bad element slouch pants.
  2. My Instagram, has seen the Evil Twin denim tunic in high rotation
  3. Three’s a charm, this amazing captivity longline cardigan has joined the party.



10 years ago you could bet your life on me saying “I wouldn’t be caught dead in animal print” but then again those were the days of Fran Dreshire’s the nanny and who could blame me? Fortunately Evil twin have always been good at customizing a potentially tragic print, making it fresh and young and this fuzzy winter warmer is no exception. Though the chills haven’t quite set in just yet, I have a feeling this one’s going to keep me warm all winter long.



Evil twin captivity longline cardigan (gifted) worn here with:
Glasson’s banana Print Dress
Windsor smith rainbow boots 
Asos sunglasses (similar here)
Iridescent Unicorn clutch (gift from lpmmags)

Next on my Evil Twin hitlist:
Faded glory babydoll here
Hoodrat Aged Jacket here


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Dear Internets,


Runway shots can get rather boring, especially considering the repetition value of it all but when it comes to upcoming Aussie designers, I just can’t help myself. An entomologist’s dream, Hayley Elsaesser first caught my eye with her now trade mark fun prints and use of colors.


Hey latest offerings at Mercedes-Benz fashion week Australia features a more muted palette of soft oranges, blues, greens and purples reminiscent of the pearly sherbet straws of you youth but maintains the signature unique print. Considering our recent post discussing “how to drink properly” I’m looking forward to wearing my beers in the classiest way possible.


With neckerchiefs and shapes that sort of remind me of the 70′s it’s the perfect mix of flirty, cute and modest. Furthermore it seems to be allowing me to use bad puns which is an unexpected bonus. That being said, I love the whole box and dice. Someone get me this awesome ‘lime see you‘ hat from a previous collection while I wait for this one to drop. Please & Thank you.



Dear Internets,


You know those “can’t be bothered” days? I’ve been having a lot of those lately and the wet weather is putting a dampener on any enthusiasm I’ve managed to drum up. For now over the knee suede boots, button front shirt dresses and jackets are my uniform, or at least it would be if I were employed by an underfunded alternative radio station. It’s thrift-ed, gifted or from Attik.