Dear Internets, IMG_9518


A wise woman once said “If you like it then you should have put a ring on it”. Apparently I took that too much to heart and there are many things I like. This is the only reasoning I can give to having far more rings than I have fingers. Ordinarily you would see the prettiest of my wardrobe on my instagram feed but my jewellery rarely gets a look in for one of two reasons.


1. This is the rare occasion I am wearing a necklace without the kidlet trying to eat/destroy it 2. I have inherited the hands of my father and while I love my rings, they don’t look great photographed atop the litter of sausage dogs that are my digits. One word “MAN-HANDS’!


So if I dislike the way my hands look in photographs, why continue to buy rings? Because life is not lived in instagram moments and though it’s not on facebook, I believe it still happen. That makes me seem moderately sensible but really, I became addicted when a family friend took me to a jewellery store and bought me my first ring. I got to pick it on my own and it was all a big secret; I wasn’t allowed to tell my parents until I boarded a plane.That was what I was told and I was a very obedient child.


My obedience paid off and I got to keep my little gold and ruby ring. I’ve been hooked since so you may as well enjoy a visual raid of my hoarders obsession while I bury the shame of my BFG hangs in my pockets.



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Dear Internets,


I have a long standing obsession with stationary despite being one of the few long standing relics that still leaves handwritten notes and sends snail mail. My obsession with lavender has only reared it’s head in the last year. It was only inevitable that beautiful lavender stationary would one day cross my path and then we would have the lust monster that stands before you.


Combine it with geometric diamond print jewelery plates and shapes and I never really stood a chance. Is there something about those diamonds that remind you of drawings you did as a child or was I the only little gold-digger artist out there? As I get ready to get back in the office, I might just NEED new stationary to get ready. After all, what good would I be without diamond note paper and a lavender file-o-fax….no good at all I tell you!



Live bright babies, live bright and shop the collection here at kikki-k!


Dear Internets,


You can’t spell class without ass. It’s a saying bandied about in our home like an in-joke because a class act always knows how to  laugh at themselves, not joke at someone else’s expense. It possibly also has something to do with the fact that I am constantly pulling faces being idiotic.



Even in classic monochrome, I look like a muppet. At least I’m a warm muppet with a doctor’s bag and kick ass shoes….there should be a saying for that sentiment. PEACE!


Cardigan – Evil Twin  CaptivityLong Line
Shoes -Windsor Smith Rainbow
Cross body bag – Thrifted
Tee – Topshop Horror
Jeans – Anon