Dear Internets,


Is you smart device net shopping finger ready? Mother’s tomorrow at 9am, the Disney x Bonds zippy wonder suits land in store and online. This iconic Aussie brand has won many devotees and part of it is just the way they made impractically colorful underwear a trend but for those of you who are still skeptical you’ll be won over the day you need to button up a baby onsie. It’s like trying to wrestle an octopus into a straight jacket without a zipper onsie.


The added bonus is the Bonds version always come in new and adorable prints. I often get onsie envy when I see a print I have missed out on because it’s sold out that quickly. Now before the rest of you non-baby knowing lovelies start dozing off, there’s a pretty great sports line on sale right now, let alone the aforementioned colorful undies.


If you know a new mum or even a well seasoned one whose kids you need to buy for, while the tutus and bow ties are adorable, in winter, you’ll never have to wonder if these onsies get used. Is it too early to start buying for soon to be number two?



Dear Internets,


When the last drop of foundation falls on my face, I begin my treck to Mordor. A little bit of an exaggeration, but I am very picky with my makeup. With warm undertones and a dark complexion, I wear very little of it on a daily basis and will go to great lengths to replenish my favorites. Typically this means relying on the big brands like MAC and Bobbi Brown but there’s a little player that is winning me over with ethics and geekery.

PicMonkey Collage2

“Substance over style” they say, but the ambiguous “they” never had to say no to fancy pink frosting flavored dusty rose colored lip gloss called Nic Cage Nibbling Petit Fours in a Posh Victorian TearoomSure it’s a mouthful but at least it’s a super glossy pink one from Shiro cosmetics. This small business run by two women out of Oregon, supported possibly by 2 otters (judging by the images) produce hand crafted, vegan, cruelty free makeup with a sense of humor. The price point, with most of their products running under $10 is pretty phenomenal too.

PicMonkey Collage

If you aren’t into the concept of wearing Nic Cage through time on your lips, why not be swayed by a pouty 90’s Justin Timeberlake from the battle of the boy bands collection? For the more obvious nerds (like me) there’s polyjuice gloss and constant vigilance eye shadow. I urge you however, not to read the scent descriptions on an empty stomach. They may make you want a Christmas themed beverage no longer easily accessible to you.


The colour options are bold and diverse and with collections including Miyazaki liptints, the fullmetal eyeshadow collection, and the complete hobbit collection, you’re sure to find something fun to slap on your face/nails. If the previous sentence sounds like a collection of words that do not belong together, you are clearly not geeky enough to appreciate the packaging but should manage to enjoy the product regardless.


Dear Internets,


I have been lax in our friendship over the past few…months. I could say Christmas is a busy time of year or that I was in Hawaii which makes blogging more challenging but there is really only one simple truth. I was busy, the entire time, trying not to throw up on you . Now that the first trimester nausea has died down a little, I can hopefully return you to your regular irregular viewing.

Happy 2016 everyone!