Dear Internets,

Who knew having 2 kids under 3 would be so time consuming….pretty much everyone in the universe but me. This time around I have a baby who doesn’t like to sleep unless it’s on top of me which poses significant challenges:

  1. Internet shopping is my new best friend which is not great considering I’m technically on budget reducing leave.


  2. It’s easy to excuse my lack of exercise and love of mocha’s which is not great for the waistline or general health


  3. This rare occasion of sitting in front of my keyboard is as Carrie Bradshaw as I’m going to get for a while which is fine , though I do miss the shoes and impractical fashion. These days its boho maxis & flats


Quite frankly it’s a miracle I’m able to write this but sleep deprivation makes you do strange things including forgoing a cat nap in favor of blogging all because I miss the written word…and the spoken word. I’m currently limited to the phrases “no you cannot take your cheese into the toilet”, “whats wrong?”, “yes dinner is almost ready”, “I think he’s hungry” “coffee & sushi!” and “nothing, I’m just tired”


Dear Internets,

I am so excited to announce the winner of our TOMY giveaway, particularly since Tomy, Lamaze and Boon are brand we love having in our home.


Entrant #2 Bronwyn Misiak , according to the random number generator, you are our lucky prize winner! We’ll organise to get your prize to you shortly !


Dear Internets,


I find myself wishing I lived in SoHo and not because it was one of the first to reach fame with an abbreviated name format, sorry J.Lo. The COACH SoHo store have released their Disney collaboration and its left me wanting a piece of the action. White there’s a tee, wallets, cross bodies and backpacks, my devotion belongs to the Mickey Mouse earned shoulder bag… One in every colour please.

disney5 disney2 disney3 disney1

It drops online on July 17th. Wonder if I can coax my husband into a push prezzie after all? Probably not 😩