Dear Internets,


My fascination for food, fashion and decor is not a new one but the ratios of interest fluctuate based on whats going on in my life. Pinterest is often the first to pick up on the subtle changes and lately it’s been filled with images of beautiful kids bedrooms, many with the same feature piece; an adventure rug by OYOY.


The company’s strange name is inspired by the letters which feature on every danish airplane since 1929 wherever in the world it might be. Created in 2012 by danish designer Lotte Fynboe, the clear focus on design, function, colour and materials in a world embracing the Scandinavian aesthetic lead to early success and in 2014, Lotte expanded into the world of children and “playful souls”.


I’m usually all for colour and crazy when it comes to kids rooms but kids grown up quickly these days and crazy primary colors will only stay relevant for so long. Investing in some key neutral pieces will ensure longevity and the new “world rug” really answered all my needs including meeting the approval of my map loving hubby, or so I hope.


After much searching, I found the best deal at MiniMacko, a gorgeous Australian online store curated by Danielle, no doubt with the assistance of shop name sake and little dude, Mack. I put a 20% preorder deposit down and now I eagerly await it’s delivery. Hopefully it will arrive before my second bub in 6 weeks, particularly as it hopes to cover up the baby monitor cord leading from the cot to the wall unit. Beautiful and functional!


Dear Internets,

I see bag spills on blogs and always wonder where the slightly opened hand cream and fluffy rogue mints are among the lip glosses and sunglasses. Is my bag strange to always contain these items along with a few too many pens, bent business cards and a note book/diary that was once glorious but now a little worn?


The success of my day is often judged not by my bag but what needs to come out of my car at the end. If I struggle to get everything out in one trip from boot to door, I’ve done pretty well. Sometimes it’s suitcases, furniture or home wares. Other times its the more mundane like smart devices and laptops with groceries or kids clothing. My most recent day of success involved pre-fashion week viewings and an epic shopping trip. Any successful day that involves shopping is all the better.

Some featured brands : Diesel , MAC, Bobbi Brown, The goat skincare , Cafe skin scrub (to make these beauty bars out of), Pure paw paw, Clinique & Diida.


Dear Internets,


Your order has been shipped! Have sweeter words ever been written in e-mail format? While the entire universe seem to suddenly be getting around in Adidas superstars, I find myself looking for something different. Ever the sneaker fan, I would get around in kicks all day long if I could, I just wish everyone didn’t hop on the same specific bandwagon at the same time.


Perhaps not wanting the supers because everyone has them is a “reverse 90’s Nike air jordan hipster complex” (In which case I’ll admit it) or perhaps the world needs to find another fun sneaker to fee cute and comfortable in. For that I turned to Reebok‘s collaboration with FACE cosmetics stockholm. Never one to walk away from a beautiful pastel, this little beauty sat in my UO/Glue store (for those playing at home) shopping cart for a very long time.


Finally my “screw it let’s do it!” shopping attitude took over and in a frenzy I pressed the check out button. At $100 they are reasonably priced and there are options for the less pastel appreciating shoppers among you. For me it was always a uneven competition between lilac ice, opal and dessert stone. Now the only thing left is to wait by the door longingly and hide my purchase from the hubby while simultaneously expecting him to notice my new shoes. What this ole thing?