Dear Internets,


It’s rather self deprecating, choosing to do something for a hobby at which you terribly suck. You seldom hear of tone deaf DJ’s or impatient puzzle lovers raving about their hobbies…because they don’t exist. Despite this, and knowing my aversion to being in front of the camera ,I persist in utilizing fashion blogging as a creative outlet. As such, consider this post is a public apology to my fellow bloggers and anyone I have been able to con into taking photos for me, and will con in the future.


It seems particularly timely as these photos were taken by style maven and deserter Nora of Nora Finds. It is the first and probably last shot she’ll take of me since she will be leaving for an adventure soon. Today she had the task of getting around my man hands, gawkish stance,toothy grins and short attention span to get something blog worthy. Thank god that girl’s got blogger game.


Would you like detail shots?” she inquired politely while I pondered my staple flung together ‘all black errthing‘ mum outfit. Looking up and seeing her immaculately dressed and surround by our other blogger friends [Style by Kys (extreme left) and the ladida (extreme right) ] looking cute while completely absorbed in their smart devices, I decided the answer would be a simple “No”.  We don’t often quote Kenny Roger’s here but dammit, “You’ve got to know when to hold ‘em, Know when to fold ‘em, Know when to walk away, Know when to run


I had an awesome time brunching with you ladies and I’m glad you peer pressured me into ordering Kevin’s Balls from Brewristas. Awkward to order but makes for a great meal. Can’t wait for the next catch up and thanks again for the pics. Check out our instagram for more foodporn and behind the scene of the others ladies doing their blogger thang including Maggie who had to escape early.



Pixelhazard wears:
Jacket | Origami Doll
Shirt | St Frock
Handbag  | Givenchy
Pants & Shoes | Target
Necklace | DIY


Dear Internets,


Yup, I’ve taken the blog equivalent of a long liquid lunch because life has been pretty mental.  You may be fooled into thinking you have seen me sitting around doing nothing but I’ve just mastered the art of sleeping with my eyes open. As a result, many of my meals have been sipped on the go. I’ve become the master of fresh juice and home made smoothie combos but tomorrow I have no time to stop and I can’t make a smoothie out of my hotel room.


Tomorrow (so I don’t just get drive through junk food) my liquid meals on the go are made by pressed juices. I’ve been sold on the Mylks for years, particularly my fave: the espresso almond milk. Next on the hit-list: a banana salted caramel smoothie and a tonic. Keep an eye on my instagram, I’ll be looking out for their raw food too. What are your fave liquid lunch combos?


Dear Internets,

It’s my birthday and I’ll buy if I want to. Actually that’s a damn lie and I won’t have it on this blog!  “It’s my birthday and I’ll drop hints if I want to before people give up and get me something completely random which I have no space for and would have preferred they just gave me a hug” just seemed a little too long winded so I took some artistic license. Besides, I am utterly the easiest person to buy for. I am constantly wanting things, never waste them and can never justify spending the money on myself so you know I won’t already have it. Let’s face it, a good waterproof black liquid eyeliner and one less meal to cook will deliver you a happy girl.

Barring that, here’s whats on my wish list at the moment, in the order I desperately want it:



I do not know the meaning of this word lately but there’s nothing so motivational as new shoes or exercise gear to kick start my activity. After dropping my precariously propped pedometer on the floor one too many times, I gave up and have deluded myself into not thinking I’m being a lump ever since. I most often wear dresses to work so the Black Fitbit Charge in Medium $146 AUD is the perfect solution! To be honest, I can’t believe I didn’t invent it myself. That’ll teach me to settle for toppling pedometers

2. Colourful tips.

black hair
If you are looking for tips of some kind, I appologise for the misconception, I refer of course to the ends of my hair! Corporate life doesn’t really allow for candy color hair but I could probably get away with ashy blue/green/purple mermaid tips discreetly tucked away in a chignon if the timing isn’t right for crazy. Now to find a hair dresser with the confidence and experience to do it.

3.Frida is my spirit animal.


I’ve raved about Kitty Came Home bi folds before and here I go again. They are the best wallet of all time [or so I paraphrase from Kanye]. Perfect amount of card space, awesome fabrics, great quality and I always know how much money I have without ever having too much change. My favourite is this Frida Kahlo on at $52.15 USD. Totally worth it! Besides, my souvenir London one is sort of falling apart (sorry mum)

4. Everyone has baggage


And these days an 8GB usb stick just isn’t cutting it. 2 external hard drives later, I think it’s time to invest in a terabyte or 3. The Seagate Expansion 3TB desktop hard drive $139 AUD seems like a bargain and might keep me going for a little longer. It doesn’t help that I am holding on to every kids movie I have ever had on the off chance I will have movie obsessed children. So far kidlet only has interest in sports and cars (thank goodness!). To be fair though, I do revisit a few of them myself.

5. Get It On!


Perhaps my fitness resolutions are failing because I am dreaming of all this winter but as far as I’m concerned, outerwear is too essential to cast aside to merely 3-4 months a year. I’d love the Tokito check waterfall jacket $99.95 AUD for the warmer months and maybe this ASOS tall Midi Coat in Wool $183.00 AUD for when the cooler weather creeps in.