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Do you have a local market you just adore? Sydney & Melbourne are filled with wonderful markets where you can find the best food, clothes and culture. If your are in Melbourne, the most obvious one is Queen Victoria markets complete with its own little Spanish food district. In Sydney it has to be Glebe markets for me.

They both have their ups and downs and much like retail, should not be shopped too many times consecutively within a season but if you pick your moments your strike gold, oil, the punk bikie jacket of your dreams! For a mere $20 no less *swoon*. What”s your favourite market or favourite buy?

♥ pixelhazard
rockin out hard core

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  1. wow! the jacket you found is great! The best piece I’ve ever found out a market is probably a stunning beaded, sparkling, sequin, black top. It was in EXCELLENT condition and was only $25. That was at camberwell market, I want to go back, but it’s such an early start. Aaah.

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