Dear Internets,

For all you Aussies & New Zelanders: LEST WE FORGET

It seems the emotionally unstable but creative part of my mind has awakened and it has taken over. My mind is constantly swimming with DIY ideas and my time just can”t keep up…wait that seems confused.

Most recently I”ve decided I needed a denim jacket. The kind that”s only in your head and has never been made so yields nothing but frustration when you go on a shopping trip to specifically look for it. Turns out I could create the acid wash denim jacket of my mind hole, all by myself.

All it took was a $5 thrifted denim jacket, high strength lavender scented bleach, a spray bottle and something to entertain the back panel. I chose to use a Pakistani embroidered panel that has been sitting around unused in the house for almost 30 years, longer than I”ve been alive. An awesome print cut out of an old shirt will do too.

I”ve paired it here with a basic black tank, navy cord pants and these gorgeous white heels.  So what do you think?

 ♥ pixelhazard
is feeling utterly icky

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  1. This totally makes me sound old but I used to bleach my jeans back in the 80’s and I thought they were so cool! The jacket looks great and your shoes are too cute.

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