Dear Internets,


My wardrobe is confined my the limits of my purse strings, my husband”s temperament and closet space yet I”m often asked if what I”m wearing is new. The truth is, with fashion being so cyclical and Pixel being so fickle, I get obsessed with something and then it gets pushed behind a new fancy. Despite me averting my eyes every-time I go for an outfit search, the flame of my love for the brand  and item is constantly flickering in the background like the olympic flame.

1. The dress: That”s exactly what happen with this gorgeous blue sequin secret squirrel dress I bought at a sample sale a few years ago. Have you heard of secret squirrel? They are a brilliant label originating in sydney with a clean, chic  aesthetic balanced by contemporary prints and texctures. Totally devoted

2. The Jacket: I love it when a man shows chivalry and offers you his jacket when you”ve clearly under-prepared for the weather in favour of a pretty dress. The cosy feel of an oversized beautifully lined jacket is sensory joy but why should I only have access to it at the risk of Mr Mo being cold. Introducing my Ksubi coat scored for a steal at Sydney fashion weekend. It”s warm, cosy and the huge slit in the back has the girly flirty feel I love. My love for Ksubi has been growing for the last few years and I just cannot get enough of the latest collection.

3. Blue chain necklace: A vibrant pop of  colour baked into metal and pressed with the label House of Baulch brought to you by  Kathryn Baulch. This is a brand new jewellery label for me and neither my mum or I could get enough. With items that cater to both the classic and young edgy aesthetic, we just kept picking thinks up ensuring we didn”t put anything down. Needless to say it was quite a handful. I am definately keeping my eye out for what”s soon to come

 ♥ pixelhazard
Flash dancing 


Dear Internets,

Have you met Fan Binbing before? She is fabulous 31year old Chinese actress and singer as pictured above by streetpeeper. Her beautiful Louis Vuitton clothing accented by a curly tuft of red hair, ruby lips and quirky sunglasses makes her look a million dollars. It”s the kind of elegance I aspire to and while I do have very expensive taste, unlike Fan, I have none of the green to back it up.

Fortunately it seems to be awesome sales season and being the cherub that I am, I”m going to round up all the ones I know of in NSW and put it all here for you. Maybe if you buy all the awesome stuff I won”t be in debt

  • Joveeba sale
    8am, 1st, 2nd June
    Level 4, 119 Kippax st, Surry Hills, NSW
  • Jac & Jack
    31st May
    39 William Street, Paddington NSW
  • Sambag Studio Warehouse sale
    10am – 5pm, Thursday 31st May.
    10am – 5pm, Friday 1st June.
    9am – 4pm, Saturday 2nd June.
    937 Bourke Street, Waterloo NSW.
  • Tuchuzy Bondi sale
    This weekend 2nd, 3rd June
    Tuchuzy Bondi,
    90 Gould Street,
    NSW, 2016. 
  • Tigerlily warehouse sale
    Tuesday the 29th May (8am to 6pm) (starts today!)
    Wednesday 30th May (8am to 6pm)
    Thursday 31st of May (8am to 8pm)
    Adina Apartment Hotel,
    Conference Room 359,
      Crown Street, Surry Hills, Sydney   

 ♥ pixelhazard
feeling money poor but style rich


Dear Internets,

We all have things in our wardrobe that we literally adore to pieces. Often we cradle the last shreds and then lament when we inevitably have to bin our favourite shoes, handbag or dress. I”ve decided to arm myself instead with a can of shiny gold spray paint and colour all my old belongings until they look brand new or I asphyxiate.

Step 1: Figure our what pattern you want and use masking tape or paint tape to cover all the bits you want to stay the same

Step 2: Make sure your paint is waterproof and have a test run on something to figure out the distance the can should be away from the item. Ready. Aim. Fire!

Step 3: Before the paint dries, carefully peel away masking tape. One the paint is dry, colour the imperfections to the magic that is a black sharpie. Viola!

What kind of a blog would we be if we didn”t provide some lovely finds online to browse through while recovering from Bright Green Laces induced asphyxiation.

♥ pixelhazard
swimming in work on a cold day


Dear Internets,

A cold snap has suddenly come over most of the south coast of Australia which is rather unfortunate because I dressed for the beautiful sunny days I have learnt to accept (as you can see above). There have been a few posts on the internets about dressing for work without compromising your personality so I thought I”d given you a quick picture of what I wear, with a few amendments. The Bardot moehair top with pearl detail in generally tucked into my ASOS net skirt which though often knee length, I have “mullet-ized”. The suede ankle boots are an all surprise weather staple. 

How do you bring your style to a work outfit?

 ♥ pixelhazard
playing with image manipulation


Dear Internets,

The joy of getting a package in the post is unparalleled. It”s as though in that moment, you forget you”ve forked over cash and specifically ordered something and it suddenly becomes Christmas. “Oh I wonder what this could be?” is a thought that always runs through my head prior to keying open child proof sticky taped cardboard boxes.

A new favourite place to send santa my wishlist is Market HQ. They seem to stock so many brands I love like Evil Twin, earlier than my favourite stores do. The added bonus is prevention of AVO”s from employees that see me regularly loitering in their store and asking “oh hey, I”m back, just wondering if you have that velvet outer limits galaxy dress in yet?”. No, I”m not stalking you, I just want to buy some pretty stuff OK!

Well after some desperate on-line scowering, I found my outer limits dress on market HQ at a splendid 99cents less than in store no less and now it”s in my hot little hands *insert evil victorious laugh* ! I”m now a total convert and much like Christmas gifts, I took the first and many subsequent opportunities to take this baby out for a spin.

The above is of the dress worn as it was intended in all it”s spacey glory and below is an image of me wearing the dress back to front with the label unpicked off the back at fashion weekend(post coming soon). I really love the high contrast on the black panels but shhh, don”t tell anyone I”m wearing it backwards!

 ♥ pixelhazard
shopping as we speak