Dear Internets,

We all have things in our wardrobe that we literally adore to pieces. Often we cradle the last shreds and then lament when we inevitably have to bin our favourite shoes, handbag or dress. I”ve decided to arm myself instead with a can of shiny gold spray paint and colour all my old belongings until they look brand new or I asphyxiate.

Step 1: Figure our what pattern you want and use masking tape or paint tape to cover all the bits you want to stay the same

Step 2: Make sure your paint is waterproof and have a test run on something to figure out the distance the can should be away from the item. Ready. Aim. Fire!

Step 3: Before the paint dries, carefully peel away masking tape. One the paint is dry, colour the imperfections to the magic that is a black sharpie. Viola!

What kind of a blog would we be if we didn”t provide some lovely finds online to browse through while recovering from Bright Green Laces induced asphyxiation.

♥ pixelhazard
swimming in work on a cold day

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