Dear Internets,

A cold snap has suddenly come over most of the south coast of Australia which is rather unfortunate because I dressed for the beautiful sunny days I have learnt to accept (as you can see above). There have been a few posts on the internets about dressing for work without compromising your personality so I thought I”d given you a quick picture of what I wear, with a few amendments. The Bardot moehair top with pearl detail in generally tucked into my ASOS net skirt which though often knee length, I have “mullet-ized”. The suede ankle boots are an all surprise weather staple. 

How do you bring your style to a work outfit?

 ♥ pixelhazard
playing with image manipulation

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  1. Great image bit I can’t believe you are not cold. I can’t beoieve how much the weather has changed here in the past week. It’s uggs and a cardie for me!

    Stephie x

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