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Despite how far we have come, there is still a little bit of a stigma around second-hand shopping, regardless of how we re-brand it as “vintage”. Many of you still conjure up images of dumpster diving through strange smelling clothing bins overwhelmed by the scent and sight of random stains.

For my mum, it”s a status thing. “Can”t you afford new clothes?” she asks me as she wrinkles her nose at the idea and in one foul swoop complements the gear I wearing, asking if she can borrow my not so new jacket. Little does she know I might spend more on vintage than on “brand new clothes”. Vintage shopping is about preserving and appreciating the time, thought and quality that is seldom put in mass produced clothes these days. It”s also about find something different that your friends aren”t likely to have in different colours.

For those vintage virgins and those just unlucky in the hunt, I have a solution for you: Ela Hawke Vintage! It”s your one stop on-line shop for beautifully curated vintage finds, so you no longer have to sneeze your way through dust ridden racks of ugly clothing or fear checking pockets. I”ve recently had the pleasure of having an interview with Jess of Ela Hawke & maybe if you get to know them you”ll love them as much as I do:

When did you start and why ?

Ela Hawke Vintage began just a little over a year ago in May of last year. It kind of started as a side project, a little adventure to see where it would take me. I was at a bit of a crossroad where I wanted to combine my love for retail and styling with my graphic design skills. A close friend had a growing collection of beautiful vintage wares so we decided to start Ela Hawke Vintage. Originally it was the two of us for the first couple of months but I took the reigns not long after when we realised it was turning in to more than just a hobby. I now run EHV purely on my own, from styling and photographing the shoots to writing emails and building relationships with my beautiful customers, but of course not without the huge support and help from family and friends. 

What really gets your vintage boat floating? 

For me, I can”t go past a stunning printed 60s or 70s maxi dress with big wide sleeves and a beautiful neckline. I look in my closet and I have about 10 of the same style dresses, they”re my favourite. I also love anything lace or silk, the more weathered the more beautiful. For my customers, I love to pick pieces that have character and are a bit of fun. Bold prints and bright colours mixed with quirky pieces that are a bit edgy. The crazier the better!

What makes Ela Hawke Vintage different? 

I feel like Ela Hawke Vintage is different to most other vintage stores because I try to bring a fun and playful tone to the brand. I take great pride in styling all the pieces and photographing them as best I can. I”m constantly researching current trends, here and overseas. Vintage clothing can always be incorporated in to a current wardrobe so I”m always thinking about what people are looking for and buying. I don”t take myself too seriously! I”m true to myself and who I am and I think that reflects in the Ela Hawke Vintage brand. 

Doesn”t she sound like the sweetest? The photos are always so fun & I find the easiest way of keeping on top of the gorgeous pieces Ela Hawke Vintage have available is through their facebook page but you can also get a hold of Jess via twitter or email.

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is seriously eyeing the jumpsuit in the first pic


Dear Internets,

Some of you may remember one of the items on my birthday wishlist here was tickets to Lady Gaga”s Australian gig but I was confident it just wasn”t going to happen. However, through the collaborative effort of my parents, Sarahteaa & Mr Mo, I was presented with tickets for the show that was on this week and boy did it freak my freak. 

There were horses, disembodied floating heads and motorbike keyboards amongst other props and costume changes galore. In fact, the entire thing was set on an awesome castle backdrop which changed and opened up like a life size doll house.

Always one to be over-enthusiastic, I decided to make my entire costume from scratch. Always one to play to my strength I also made the bold decision of dressing up like Beyonce from the telephone video clip. There was a part of me that wanted to photo bomb anyone dressed up as Gaga which on a Thursday night was a surprisingly low 30%. I got off a plane and dressed in a car and still managed, c”mon people!

As many of you know, I now have short hair, so get set to laugh yourself through a ludicrous “pin up” wig bought on e-bay paired with  a blue Sportsgirl crop (on sale now and in gorgeous colours), a DIY skirt and DIY jacket embellished with old Indian necklaces and odd findings. All this was set off by my Gold glitter Jeffrey Campbell Litas, which you thought I”d never wear!

Now I did stupidly leave my diligently charged camera batter back in my Melbourne hotel room so unfortunately these are all sub quality phone shots. You”ll forgive me this once won”t you?

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Don”t call my name…


Dear Internets,

Apologies for the one week hiatus. If it makes you feel better, I was drinking, eating, dancing, and shopping my way to more delicious blog fodder. If that just makes you angry, then I hope you can console youself in the fact that I have also been wearing eye-bags and crashing out in my hotel room bed with my jeans still on. 

To be honest, even with all that going on, I would still have posted was it not for the fact that my computer is a menace right now and you [dear internets] seem to not want to stay connected. Maybe it”s because I haven”t accepted you FB friend request? *lol*

Jokes aside, some of you may know I have been away in melbourne where the alley-ways always seem to lead to a trendy bar instead of the punget scent of bin juice. Celebrating, posing awkwardly near inanimate objects between shopping and frequenting themed eateries seems to be a way of life here and upon review of Melbourne trip photos

Those who have yet to travel Melbourne or Australia for that matter. Here”s a little taste of what you can expect, brought to you by Pixel Hazard and little sister sarahteaa.

On a completly different note: I”m selling a new Nikon Coolpix L120 here . Getting sorted for technology upgrade. As you can tell, I desperately need one!

 [Pixel hazard feat MIA shirt, DIY transformers necklace & cue skirt]

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whimpering at her skin fail


Dear Internets,

Never one to know what kind of wedding  I would have, or even which part of my culture would own it, I”m not the girl who keeps a scrap book of ideas made since she decided her life”s dream was to shift from being a ballerinas to being married. There were some home truths however that are at the core of my being. On a day to day basis I like pushing boundaries with colours, prints and the way different things are put together but when it comes to the things that I wear every day with sentimental value, I want something unique and elegant.

In fact I could probably have narrowed it down to antique Georgian style. Fortunately (& I say this despite the irony) I fell in love with a man who has no idea whatsoever what antique Georgian means and has no desire to find out. He spent half an hour roaming around with a pink post it note trying to find me nail polish, without even knowing what he was looking for. In the last few years he”s learnt that a skirt starts at the waist and a dress starts higher. A man who plays FIFA on the Playstation, watches sports throughout the year and enjoys ice cream, custard and jelly all in one bowl.

But if your ring tastes are my way inclined but your taste in men is not, perhaps you should start printing out pictures of rings from Metiersf and casually leaving them around the home. Or alternatively, sell it to him this way. It”s probably going to be a whole deal more affordable and easier than picking out a new cut diamond ring. I personally have not yet given up on a Meitiersf ring. Perhaps one day I”ll just bite the bullet and buy it for myself. Happy 30th birthday? Better start saving

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folding clothings


Dear Internets,

Ever since flags were created, people have been draping themselves in them for national pride, for protection and on occasion for fashion. Our flag gets vigilantly trotted out, covered in diamontes and glitter every Australia day and I”m loathed to see it each time. Something about seeing men and women squeeze into ill fitted quickly made cheap clothing gives me the irks. I guess that”s less about the flag and more about the clothing. After all flags can bring out the best and worst in people

[ USA jumper – similar here | light denim shorts – similar here | Jada studded boots –  Shu Bar | Black leather bag – DIY ]

A foreign invasion without the negative associations; seas of red white and blue fabric, have been cut to form bodycon dresses, shorts, and more recently jumpers. Never before have I seen American and British flags become such a symbol of well thought out style. It”s definitely a trend I was quick to adopt. Super power vibes of preppy wonder woman tingle at the touch of these lovelies.

So tell me, are you jumping aboard this flagpole or do you prefer your stripes and stars without the national back up?

 ♥ pixelhazard
crushing on Hugh Jackman in “Australia”