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Ever since flags were created, people have been draping themselves in them for national pride, for protection and on occasion for fashion. Our flag gets vigilantly trotted out, covered in diamontes and glitter every Australia day and I”m loathed to see it each time. Something about seeing men and women squeeze into ill fitted quickly made cheap clothing gives me the irks. I guess that”s less about the flag and more about the clothing. After all flags can bring out the best and worst in people

[ USA jumper – similar here | light denim shorts – similar here | Jada studded boots –  Shu Bar | Black leather bag – DIY ]

A foreign invasion without the negative associations; seas of red white and blue fabric, have been cut to form bodycon dresses, shorts, and more recently jumpers. Never before have I seen American and British flags become such a symbol of well thought out style. It”s definitely a trend I was quick to adopt. Super power vibes of preppy wonder woman tingle at the touch of these lovelies.

So tell me, are you jumping aboard this flagpole or do you prefer your stripes and stars without the national back up?

 ♥ pixelhazard
crushing on Hugh Jackman in “Australia”

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  1. Seeing people step out in Australian flag-print clothing does make me cringe a bit, because then I wonder if they’re racist…I just think that there are other ways to show off your national pride you know? 🙂

    On the other hand, the way people have been wearing the US/UK flags have been pretty great. They make an awesome print! xx

  2. I love that jumper. It’s very cool. I don’t have a problem with other countries’ flags. I love a bit of Union Jack action!

    I am not so keen though on seeing our Australian flag “out and about”. I feel that it has racist connotations now which makes me feel very sad. Not sure how to fix this though?!

    Stephie x

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