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Never one to know what kind of wedding  I would have, or even which part of my culture would own it, I”m not the girl who keeps a scrap book of ideas made since she decided her life”s dream was to shift from being a ballerinas to being married. There were some home truths however that are at the core of my being. On a day to day basis I like pushing boundaries with colours, prints and the way different things are put together but when it comes to the things that I wear every day with sentimental value, I want something unique and elegant.

In fact I could probably have narrowed it down to antique Georgian style. Fortunately (& I say this despite the irony) I fell in love with a man who has no idea whatsoever what antique Georgian means and has no desire to find out. He spent half an hour roaming around with a pink post it note trying to find me nail polish, without even knowing what he was looking for. In the last few years he”s learnt that a skirt starts at the waist and a dress starts higher. A man who plays FIFA on the Playstation, watches sports throughout the year and enjoys ice cream, custard and jelly all in one bowl.

But if your ring tastes are my way inclined but your taste in men is not, perhaps you should start printing out pictures of rings from Metiersf and casually leaving them around the home. Or alternatively, sell it to him this way. It”s probably going to be a whole deal more affordable and easier than picking out a new cut diamond ring. I personally have not yet given up on a Meitiersf ring. Perhaps one day I”ll just bite the bullet and buy it for myself. Happy 30th birthday? Better start saving

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