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Some of you may remember one of the items on my birthday wishlist here was tickets to Lady Gaga”s Australian gig but I was confident it just wasn”t going to happen. However, through the collaborative effort of my parents, Sarahteaa & Mr Mo, I was presented with tickets for the show that was on this week and boy did it freak my freak. 

There were horses, disembodied floating heads and motorbike keyboards amongst other props and costume changes galore. In fact, the entire thing was set on an awesome castle backdrop which changed and opened up like a life size doll house.

Always one to be over-enthusiastic, I decided to make my entire costume from scratch. Always one to play to my strength I also made the bold decision of dressing up like Beyonce from the telephone video clip. There was a part of me that wanted to photo bomb anyone dressed up as Gaga which on a Thursday night was a surprisingly low 30%. I got off a plane and dressed in a car and still managed, c”mon people!

As many of you know, I now have short hair, so get set to laugh yourself through a ludicrous “pin up” wig bought on e-bay paired with  a blue Sportsgirl crop (on sale now and in gorgeous colours), a DIY skirt and DIY jacket embellished with old Indian necklaces and odd findings. All this was set off by my Gold glitter Jeffrey Campbell Litas, which you thought I”d never wear!

Now I did stupidly leave my diligently charged camera batter back in my Melbourne hotel room so unfortunately these are all sub quality phone shots. You”ll forgive me this once won”t you?

 ♥ pixelhazard
Don”t call my name…

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  1. It looks amazing! It’s so cool you went as Beyoncé, and your costume really looks alike.
    And I saw Lady GaGa live as well, it was AMAZING. Jesus, that woman is such an amazing performer!

    xoxo Sootjeelina

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