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A few posts ago here, I should you my outfit from the Ksubi Bad Sports launch. It seems the papers must have spotted Tsardust & I too because on Sunday morning a friend sent over this pic in it”s full low definition glory.

Now if I lost you at Ksubi, we need to rectify this situation immediately. Ksubi is a fantastic Australian born brand that has been kickin” it hipster style for over 10 years. Their lines often march to the beat of their own drum so if you are looking for the neons that are so now, you may find it in Ksubi some day, but you so won”t find it now. Their dedication to wardrobe staples like jeans and leather jackets is beautifully dependable.

Denim, plaid and leopard print juxtaposed in the W.A.R collection had me on-line shop stalking for hours and clearly by the gorgeous parka and shirt Tsardust is wearing, she”s no stranger to the allure either. How amazing does it look? If it hadn”t sold out on-line almost instantaneously it would have definitely made it into my wardrobe too.

[ Jacket & T – Ksubi |  Jeans – Lee | Boots – Dr Martens ]

Given my clear fascination, I was certainly eager to see their  new “bad sports” line which I learnt was a back to the classics nod to denim and leather. A little obmre and floral print has managed to make it through the  but with a slightly more rock”n”roll feel that the trend is used to. One of my favourites is the leather harness and denim vest but if you”s like a more incognito version of Tsardust“s jacket, you might like the anorak that made it into the new collection.

[Rings: Left – Low Luv | RightMania Mania ]


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Dear Internets,

Last week, amongst the craze of sales and my obsession with finding the perfect everyday black bag (still eluding me), stood a shining little beacon in the city. A rather benign looking flight of stairs opens up to BAM brands, boasting a collection of lovely fashion wares lined up and waiting to be stirred.

[Milk from a Thistle stallion print dress]

Invited by Mark and made welcome by the warm BAM crew, I was excited to see the Milk from a Thistle stallion print up close and personal, but hadn”t imagined all the other labels I would fall head over heels for.
The new foxy prints from Milk from a Thistle should have been a clear give away of the good news to come. These shorts were definitely a favourite of mine.

[Milk from a Thistle fox print shorts]

My eyes darted around the room in a frenzy, not knowing where to land, like a well spun wheel of fortune. Today the bankruptsy slat had nothing to do with bad luck and everything to do with how I could get away with “one of everything please“.

[Multi coloured Wet & Wendy rain coats]
[Multi coloured Wet & Wendy brollys] 

For the first time, I saw a wonderfully even collection of wallets, shoes and clothings for the Men as well as the swimwear and clothing for women. Amongst my favourites were melbourne label Wet & Wendy. Hailing from a state that knows about the rain, they embrace it, going so far as to try and change our mind about it. I”m convinced that in a little red rainproof Wet & Wendy bolero/cape and frilly umbrella, the big bad wolf couldn”t get me, nor could bad weather blues. Don”t worry boys, they”ll keep you away from the man flu too.

For when the rain eventually passes, these Amore & Sovete swimmers are a kaleidoscopic dream. I”ve always been picky with swimwear but with all the gorgeous prints, shapes and frills ranging from memories of wading in the kids pool all the way to black and white movies glamour, I could not turn away.

While we”re dreaming of summer, I”ll say yes to a little slice of floaty Chip Chop heaven too? The cute sailor theme, summer sorbet colours and full length rompers looked so comfortable the slip into for an easy outfit that looked like a lot more effort than it was. There was so much heaven to explore and right about now you”re probably wondering if I have decided to neglect the aforementioned boys?

After celebrating Mr Mo.”s birthday and our first wedding anniversary, I know well enough to not do that, so  there”s another post coming with all my pics for the Man. Maybe this last sexy number should have gone in the next post too huh? So gorgeous to look at.

A big thank you to Mark and the BAM crew for inviting me in and turning a blind eye as I clicked away, hung clothing on window panes and drooled.

So come on guys, which of these is on your hit list next?

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Dear Internets,

While I sit in my cupcake printed flannelette PJ”s contemplating turning the heater on versus putting on a fluffy robe to keep me on, the rate at which I shiver increases as I flip through my favourite brand campaign images I first saw on Planet Blue, if only I could remember what label it was for. Cheerios floating around in my bowl of milk, I would much rather be doing this out on the beach in the summer but for now all I can do is dream.

A fun representation of sun-kissed southern California, Planet Blue is colourful and easy going which would be a perfect fit for the Australian climate, were it behaving itself. Since its conception in 1995 this well known boutique stocks a countless number of labels with favourites such as Mink Pink, Blessed are the Meek and Missoni amongst others. It”s moved from the beach setting with cute flirty skirts, shorts, tops and thin outerwear to something more translatable to inland wearing though definately still seasonally restricted.

Even in my bravest moments, I would not attempt winter in these pretty clothes but summer, I”m thinking of you. Can you believe I wasn”t going to show you these because I”ve been holding onto them for a while, but I like it way too much. Enjoy the california dreaming.

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Dear Internets,

Last week saw Sydney”s Angel place transformed into a haven for shoppers and people who accidentally dance while they”re waiting for the bus. Often neglected by those trying to hail transportation after work, this typically benign side street was lit up with the hustle and bustle of new discoveries. Birdcages lined the skies, triangle podiums and clothes racks lined the floors and hovering somewhere in between were DJ”s playing old school RnB were precariously perched on what looked like wooden cloud covered construction equipment.

For those of you who missed my intorductory post. Here”s a quickie: Bizarre Bazaar is a pop up market which runs every alternate month (or so) through A series of Fortunate Events. Its a novel forum for emerging designers to gain some exposure and sell their gear while bopping around to some sick beats. The items ranged from infant wear, kaftans, bustiers, jewellery, bags, vintage and almost everything in between. The menswear department was a little neglected but I imagine that”s based purely on availability. Sometimes I think mine (man that is) is more interested in what I”m wearing while he pulls on another hole filled jumper so I guess for now this works out ok.

[Models from Ikon]

At the very least the draw card for the otherwise inclined men was the promise of alcohol at the nearby IVY and the lovely roving models who struck poses and rotated and a whim. They also politely posed for the many people who randomly stumbled on this event and happen to have photo capable technology. The funniest moment of the night had to be when I was with Nora & Margaret, asking for help taking photos, and a  random lady started taking photos of me. She is going to be sorely disappointed when she finds out that I”m not someone obscurely famous, unless she has optimistic children to guess otherwise…I think that”s the girl on that toothpaste commercial!.

[Image courtesy of PhantaSee Photo of Nora & Pixel ]

In a previous post, I showed you what I wore . Now it”s time to make some brief introductions so you can exchange numbersIf I had to pick my favourites of the night and had an endless amount of resources, this is what my shopping trolley icon would contain: 

[Amanda of Bachhara &  Holly Eva – both incredibly sweet ] 

[Some lovely Doury statement necklaces that look like metal but are deceptively light weight and comfortable]

[ Vibrant Holly Eva jewellery]

[Wicked  ATAT rings]

I have a feeling, instead of abandoning my imaginary shopping trolley at the end of this night, I just clicked save for later or “add to wishlist”. I have two months to save that wad of cash. Let”s see if I make it huh?

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Dear Internets,

You”re the harmony to my heartbeat baby.

Behind every fashion blogger there is usually a photographer and in many cases they are our loving boyfriends or husbands so this week it”s a thank you for taking random close ups of things you would normally not have to notice. Thank you for standing around in public or random fields looking like papparazzi. Thank you for braving temperatures when you would rather be inside watching sports or drinking beer or other man-ish things.Without you we would be lost, or at the very least have lower quality outfit shots. This week we celebrate you! Thanks to Nora Finds for getting this going.

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