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While I sit in my cupcake printed flannelette PJ”s contemplating turning the heater on versus putting on a fluffy robe to keep me on, the rate at which I shiver increases as I flip through my favourite brand campaign images I first saw on Planet Blue, if only I could remember what label it was for. Cheerios floating around in my bowl of milk, I would much rather be doing this out on the beach in the summer but for now all I can do is dream.

A fun representation of sun-kissed southern California, Planet Blue is colourful and easy going which would be a perfect fit for the Australian climate, were it behaving itself. Since its conception in 1995 this well known boutique stocks a countless number of labels with favourites such as Mink Pink, Blessed are the Meek and Missoni amongst others. It”s moved from the beach setting with cute flirty skirts, shorts, tops and thin outerwear to something more translatable to inland wearing though definately still seasonally restricted.

Even in my bravest moments, I would not attempt winter in these pretty clothes but summer, I”m thinking of you. Can you believe I wasn”t going to show you these because I”ve been holding onto them for a while, but I like it way too much. Enjoy the california dreaming.

 ♥ pixelhazard
wishing her hair wasn”t too dark to pastel-ify

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  1. There always is bleach and after you can use the pasteltones. What an amazing lookbook, thanks for sharing because yeah summer is peeking around the corner!

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