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The last night of the Mercedes-Benz fashion festival schedule in Sydney saw models with nostaligic quaffed hair strutting down the runway in Whitney Port”s two lines. The show was opened by lovely lady herself with enthusiasm and polite “thank yous” which made her even more endearing.

Whitney explained that while both lines were relatively affordable they were still completely representative of her; fun, bold and a little outside the box. Her diffusion line is specifically budget friendly and will hit Sportsgirl stores soon, while some of the more extravagant items can be pre-ordered now at the Iconic.

The designs were rife with a contrast of bold prints and floaty pastel colours. Judging from my instagram feed of the night, the ice cream coloured floral play suits were the favourite. I would certainly wear anything in that lovely pale print to the beach, to a brunch of to a party on a warm day.

For those who are not all that print friendly, there were colourblock pieces akin to an old joke with a new exciting punchline “what”s black, white, and red all over“. One of my favourites was the Megan catsuit which I can see joining my wardrobe instantly. It is the perfect “oh this old thing? I just threw it on!” piece of fabulous that makes you look like you”ve put in a lot more effort than you did.

From the Hills to the catwalk, have you found yourself partial to the clothes of this very sweet and driven reality star come designer? Considering I have already thought of which items I would buy, I think it”s safe to say I quite like it, but what do you think?

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Dear Internets,

I shop too much. It”s probably a thought that rattles around in your head quite frequently and if it doesn”t but you”re here, now might be the time to concede severe denial. Now that the shoppers anon session has begun let me go on to say that sometimes we are a little unfair to retail brands. “Argh, there”s nothing here” is something I often think, without thinking about how frequently I visit the same stores.

The girls at my local Bardot know me now. It”s part of my shopping centre pedestrian route which has been so skilfully repeated, my sister and I no longer need to communicate about where we”d like to go next when we shop together. Given my recent frustration I decided to follow the GFC trends and avoid the shops for a little while

[Jacket – Bardot | Bag – Sportsgirl | Blouse – Cotton On]

It was mere serendipity that walked me past Bardot where I spotted the most perfect introduction to the floral/ombre/bomber jacket trend. I knew straight away after lusting for the Offshop H&M version that this jacket was for me and there”s nothing like the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival to wear it to, as motivation.

I”d adore the matching pants and top but I”m afraid we”ll have to save that dosh for my overseas fashionf finding extravaganza. Enjoy it for me won”t you? And if you tastes are baroque or bling inspired, I”ve picked out a few of my favourites. Time for another visit to Bardot don”t you think?

[Jacquie – Couture Caddy | Pixel Hazard | Sophia –Moulin Frock ]

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Dear Internets,

The joys of fashion is in it”s multitude of styles. While my friends are quite fashionable, given the diversity of tastes we don”t always agree in our brand allegiances. There are of course a few exceptions, and our enjoyment of Oroton is a notable one.

Until more recently I had never really considered Oroton as more than a handbag and accessories brand. With the hailing of a contemporary braid print and the preservation of classic colours and design I adore in their handbags appearing in their clothing, I could do nothing less than sit up and notice.

During Day 3 of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney, I had the pleasure of attending the Oroton show. The runway was highlighted not only by the beautiful navy and orange colours but also by gorgeous models Cheyenne Tozzi and Samantha Harris strutting their stuff perfectly accessorised and  in corn row style braids.

While sparkly sequins numbers are usually my thing, I wasn”t taken by Oroton”s interpretation, and rather found it distracting to the basic check lines and braid patterns. The uni-coloured outfits were quite striking and that black backpack really won my heart.

If this has peaked your interest, don”t forget it”s just the tip of the iceberg. All looks are up on our facebook page.
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Dear Internets,

[Lovable Left to Right: Emmanuelle Countour bra and Boyleg, Jazz Baby Moulded Balconenet bra & boyleg, Nikki Wirefree Bra & Shortie]

Last night the Mercedes Benz fashion festival kicked off in Sydney in style. After having a little gossip girl moment on the steps of town hall with some fabulous Sydney bloggers (check out the links on the left) we made our way into the beautifully ornate town hall.

[Left to Right: Natalie, Joseph, Darren, Helen, Sophia]

The crowd was a buzz with the anticipation of the Bendon Lingerie show tasked with setting the tone for the week. While I was trying to figure out how I could possibly take photos and instagram at the same time, the two gentlemen next to me were squirming in their seats waiting for the lingerie clad models, a mere indication of the excitement of the crowd.

The show opened with the pink tresses of Lovable ambassador Jennifer Hawkins looking gorgeous as usual. While the black lace and white sets were an expected classic lingerie staple, the polka-dots and fun prints were also representing. A favourite of mine was a label I”d never tried before; with it”s bright colours and beach balls Evollove certainly seems worthy of further investigation.

Elle Macherson intimates never fail to impress and with Macpherson Men the boys weren”t neglected either. Although if you look closely, it seems the women in the crowd were just as excited to this move towards equality in the underwear realm.


[Jennifer Hawkins closing]

And what does one possibly wear to look attractive amongst a bevy of gorgeous taught and tanned lingerie clad models? One does not even try.

[ Necklace – Lovisa | Studded Trench – DIY | Belt – unknown | Skirt – unknown | Shoes – Wittner ]

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Dear Internets,

Women”s clothes, jewellery, shoes, yeah they feature on often but what about the men? I”ve spent 8 years with Mr Mo. and being a firm believer in not squelching his personality, had never had the desire to influence his dress sense. As a result, I”ve never before paid nearly enough attention to men”s labels unless they looking particularly striking on a runway.

With the new vibrancy, creativity and fun sneaking into menswear, I”m going to start sneaking in my own influence to inadvertently increase the scope of my wardrobe through my husband.”What”s mine is mine, what”s his is mine?” a wonderful brainwave I had while visiting BAM brands.

I daydreamed about the gorgeous women”s labels I saw there in an earlier post so it seems only fair that we look at some men”s labels. My favourite is probably Vanguard, a well known Australian label that revels in it”s roots. Fun prints reminiscent of Mambo designs, there”s a cartoonish charm this label brings that”s often neglected in women”s wear. The shorts pictured above are definitely something I”d steal out of his closet and hide in mine, wouldn”t you?

Orchill Wallets were another highlight. 7 years ago, I went all the way to India to find a black leather wallet I liked for the guy and he”s still using it now. If only Orchill had been at my fingertips earlier to save me from all that searching. Their wallets are slimline, classic with a great contemporary pop of colour, like a secret for your pocket.

So we”ve covered an accessory, casual wear and now it”s time for shirts and shoes, so you still get service. Enter Boxfresh for cute scewed pockets, button detail, laces and materials begging to be felt, the things cute boys begging to be felt are made of 😉

I had so much fun and this seems like the start of a beautiful and hopefully incredibly long relationship. You”ll  be seeing more man style from here on end, me thinks. And with those thoughts…


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