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The joys of fashion is in it”s multitude of styles. While my friends are quite fashionable, given the diversity of tastes we don”t always agree in our brand allegiances. There are of course a few exceptions, and our enjoyment of Oroton is a notable one.

Until more recently I had never really considered Oroton as more than a handbag and accessories brand. With the hailing of a contemporary braid print and the preservation of classic colours and design I adore in their handbags appearing in their clothing, I could do nothing less than sit up and notice.

During Day 3 of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival in Sydney, I had the pleasure of attending the Oroton show. The runway was highlighted not only by the beautiful navy and orange colours but also by gorgeous models Cheyenne Tozzi and Samantha Harris strutting their stuff perfectly accessorised and  in corn row style braids.

While sparkly sequins numbers are usually my thing, I wasn”t taken by Oroton”s interpretation, and rather found it distracting to the basic check lines and braid patterns. The uni-coloured outfits were quite striking and that black backpack really won my heart.

If this has peaked your interest, don”t forget it”s just the tip of the iceberg. All looks are up on our facebook page.
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  1. i’ve never really thought of oroton as fashion forward in the least. somehow my impression of this brand is that they’re for ‘older women’ – maybe because all my aunts love oroton, ahha – love that they are so young now! i must be the last to know 😉

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

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