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It”s so easy to go off with the fairies sometimes particularly with a the weather heating up and a long weekend on the horizon. What with working full time and all, I am often dreaming of days when holidays were seasonal and spent at the beach.

Fortunately my passion for Bright Green Laces gives me a blogging excuse to frolic in the sun with some of the best emerging brands. As I have fallen in love with , I”ve seen you guys fall in love too. You saw the little photo adventure I took Leena on over here & I just couldn”t help but share some more of it!

And to really test my photo taking ability and show the true beauty of these amazing pieces, apart from some resizing, I”ve hardly done any editing at all to these photos. Oh how I wish I had these amazing pieces sitting in my wardrobe but alas they have been returned, just waiting for you to make your purchases.

Model Leena is wearing own black dress and heels. 
Make up, styling and photogaphy by Pixel Hazard
Necklaces and moulded ankle cuff from
Floral grown from Bright Green Laces shop
Royal blue velvet from Joveebae

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is late for a very important date


Dear Internets,

If in the stillness of the night there is a tinkling of wine glasses and a twinkling of shiny jewellery, you may find me nearby. In fact, why not consider it the “bat signal” for when you want to get in touch with us at Bright Green Laces (you know apart from twitter and e-mail and all the other options on the left side bar over there)?

A while ago such an amalgamation of sounds, sights and events occurred for a viewing of Made in Earth Creations (MIEC) Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Coming from what you could call a slightly “hippie” family and I merely call an “Indian” family, crystals and natural stones were introduces to me at an early age. Mum used to buy me crystals and tell me to put it under my pillow and such next to my baby tooth that had just fallen out. My tooth fairy was sure in for a blinding surprise.
So it came to no surprise that when natural stone jewellery started reappearing, that I was on the band wagon! MIEC are not your ordinary tree of life $20 amethyst on a chain. We’re talking gorgeous, high quality statement rings, necklaces and earrings.
Born out of Australia and with over a decade’s heritage, the natural forms and beauty of each stone is framed to shine at its best, hopeful around your neck. The best part is, there are some great edgy pieces too with skulls and geometric shapes. There’s a triangle formed ring and diamond spinning necklace that I was so tempted to bring home with me and wear constantly. Even as I was leaving, some lovely girls were live mannequin-ing the crud out of the jewellery in a display window.
A big thanks to Love PR global and the gorgeous Maggie from la petite mademoiselle blog for carting me around 🙂
[ Romi & Maggie ]

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is so damn haaaaangry!


Dear Internets,

There”s a special place in my fashion heart for home grown talent which is fortunate because Australia has always been the home of some beautiful designers and is no exception. We made the introductions a little earlier on our group date post here so when you guys run off together it won”t be awkward. Designer Brianna Hallihan has had plenty of industry experience but struggled marrying ethical fashion design with a luxury look.

An idea conceived in Cambodia, the metal items such as these beautiful necklaces and contoured ankle cuffs are made from recycled bomb shell metal and produced by a non for profit organisation owned and providing skills training for its members. Design with a conscience that makes you feel good and look good almost sounds too perfect but to me it”s the perfect justification of a purchase: “Honey, do you mind if I donate some money to those in need in Cambodia? K Thanks Bye“.

Having been fortunate enough to wear these pieces, I loved that is was not only striking , but hardy and high quality. Pieces with a story, history, quality, longevity and a likeable price point to boot, ticks all those columns and for those who are more accustomed to disposable fashion, you certainly get what you pay for.

While the design aesthetic you see in the pieces here are anatomically inclined there are some beautiful recycled leucite pieces in the collection as well with a very streamlined  and minimal aesthetic such as the Ceres clutch, hydra fluid earrings, and chain bracelet.

The lovely Leena (pictured in these snaps) & I were so sad to to have to return these pieces but so thankful to the pr department who allowed us to galavant around the streets getting beeped at by random strangers in cars and just to test the metal of Mettle and prove it”s versatility, we have another shoot coming a little more femininely geared. Enjoy x.

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Dear Internets,

There are certain things in your childhood that you loved yet attempting to revist them tends to be sorely disappointing. Most of the things we tend to revisit is less on themum can I pleaaaaaase have this troll doll? I really neeeeeed it side of things and more along the lines of clothing and TV shoes. No the power rangers & transformers will never be as good as it was the first time around and no you should not bring back mullets and oversized T”s with 3/4 leggings.

So when the strange idea of wearing jelly shoes as an adult came to me, I was still somewhat apprehensive. Now I”m not talking about those stylized jelly shoes in trendy new colours with skinny heels, lattice prints of pointed toes! I”m talking the kind you wore as a kid that had little glitter sparkles in them and cut into your feet but were so durable and cost effective, you”re mum bought them for you anyway.

[The cutest acorn necklace I won from the lovely Maggie at La petite masemoiselle blog]

Going on a hunch, I thought I”d just see if I could find someone who sold them for adults and voila, I found Jellybeans. I would be lieing if I didn”t admit that I sat on the idea for a while, intermittently trolling the website but the good price (AU$30) and the persistent nagging in my mind won over.

I followed their sizing guide which was absolutely perfect and ordered the clear pair despite objections from peers. About a week or so later they arrived on my door step, a little squashed but hey they”re jellies, they”ll bounce back! Part of my love for them apart from the cuteness factor was durability…and cuteness… so I took them on a random trip to Canberra to put them to the test

We jumped in crunchy leaves, saw strange attractions like Australia”s only European traffic lights, walked through a pseudo rainforest, explored the giant word of costco and went to an Italia restaurant in them. No cutting into my feet and now I was the solid colours.

When the heeled versions come out with the extra colours next season, I may just be compelled to buy another pair. Boy I hope they branch out into solid candy pinks and pastel. What a summer that would be! If you”re considering a pair yourself, here”s the Jellybeans website & their most active social media account seems to be facebook here. Enjoy your adventure!

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loves her new jelly beans shoes


Dear Internets,

Occasionally you see one brand that becomes your best thing since sliced bread.It is very rare for that to happen on multiple occasions and with multiple brands, but since it has happen to me,I”ve decided sharing is better than caring. What you are about to feel is courtesy of the gorgeous PR Dept.

I hope you are ready for the lust that is about to ensue from your shopping loins as we have a fashion chicken pox party right here. Note you have hereby been forewarned.

Please meet-a striking jewellery and accessories brand with a conscience. Their materials of choice, as the name would suggest, is recycled metal and perfectly on trend leucite. After wearing one of the pieces at Vogue”s FNO, I cannot tell you how much of a head turner and conversation starter it was. I”m shooting outfit pics today so you”ll hear more about them soon.

Welcome Kirsty Irwin, formerly known as Laksmono. The beautiful fabrics she uses truly shine through the minimalist design, an aesthetic I”ve really pushed my boundaries to embrace. I love the clean lines and gorgeous colours that really don”t require much more than a little accessorising.

Next up is Elixir the label. After uploading a pic on my instagram feed, who knew I would have such a rapid response to their beautifully tribal yet current neon rope designs topped with crystal quartz, leather bound and glorious. If you”re more of a metals and feathers kind of girl, that”s ok too but personally, I”d be rocking the headdress like it”s nobody”s business!”

Soot. def. The fine black particles, chiefly composed of carbon, produced by incomplete combustion of coal, oil, wood, or other fuels.I”m afraid you”ve not won the million dollars today. Soot is a gorgeous clothing label that takes full advantage of the fabric canvas. I”m completely in love with the exclusive print they work with and can see all summer spent in their light floaty pants or this super cute pale green gingham combo. Like ice cream on a summers day, it is all win. With a laid back and slightly swim feel the cute cropped top and blue shorts are also a favourite.

Love Obsessed ; an accurate description of my state of mind right now but then “fashion obsessed” would also do quite nicely. This jewelry line that marries vintage to new trends has got a mention before but who am I to refuse you another look? I”m usually a neon and high contrast girl but there was just something about the colour combinations of the pastel pieces that I preferred. Statement necklaces, earring & bracelets, you can”t go astray.

Last but certainly not least is Batson. I think their white leather A line dress was my pick of the day with me just listlessly staring at it for far to love. The texture, weight, simplicity all screamed luxury to me and for those days where I”m not feeling so simple, the original inspired prints developed from photos taken by the designer would allow me to wear my complexities.

A huge thanks again to theprdept who turned a blind eye to my listless fawning. Never have I met someone so enthusiastic but then, from this epic photo post, you can certainly see why.

 ♥ pixelhazard
has doubled her shopping wishlist