Dear Internets,

1pm! After possibly 2 caffeinated beverages and 20 minutes of daydreaming about all things ranging from whats for dinner tonight to what you”re wearing on the weekend, this special time of the day probably heralds in the much needed lunch break for most. For me however, it”s the daily release time of awesome new designer bags at discounted prices.

Hell bent on a designer bag I can justify with the statement “but it was on special, I couldn”t NOT buy it!“, I”ve been stalking Reebonz for several days now. Launched by Singaporean entrepreneurs Samuel Lim, Daniel Lim and Benjamin Han in 2009, Reebonz has since set up regional offices across Asia with expansion into Australia & other regions.

Right now you can choose between Coach, Gucci, Valentino, Hermes, Marc Jacobs, Prada & Givenchy, to name just a few. By lunch time tomorrow I”ll be sifting through Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Ferragamo, Vintage Chanel, LV & Burberry (cos I”m a massive name dropper yo!). Apologies for what sounded like an appointment list at a European Drs surgery back there….I guess I just got a little frenzied by the designer line up, but can you blame me?

Though my visions of purchases are single minded and limited to handbags for now, they have some gorgeous vintage Chanel jewellery, sunglasses and men”s accessories as well. Signing up is pretty easy and you get to opt into any e-mails or sale reminders which is perfect for someone like me who hates being bombarded with e-mails.

Reebonz sign up is generally by invitation so you don”t have a massive battle on your hands when you want to purchase something, but I”ve attached invitations to all these links so you can get your 30-70% off! I personally found the hardest part is settling on what I want….and soon as I figure it out, you know an outfit post and feature is coming your way!

EXCLUSIVE OFFER (AUS/NZ): Being the biggest designer bag stockist in Australia and because Reebonz and Bright Green Laces loves you so much, we have something spesh just for you – free monies! When Australians sign up here, they can get AU$28 credit for their first purchase. Kiwis sign ups will get NZ$36 credit for their first purchase. Credit will be valid for 30 days from the day they sign up!
Time for me to return to shopping and instead of sinking all that money into halloween candy, invest in yourself & get a bag – ah deluded justifications!

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is a bag lady!


Dear Internets,

An apt description of the trend that swept the universe or so it seemed. Space prints have always been an elusive joy for me but since they have been lovingly adopted by the world, I almost want to throw a hipster tantrum and rebel. It”s almost like Burberry”s fatal attraction with UK chavs, when all of a sudden this expensive luxe brand started looked know different but was cheap by association.

[Frilly Socks – Topshop, similar   | Gold Creepers – Asos]

I feel like nebula leggings have received the bogan welcome in Australia in the form of people wearing them as pants with an undersized crop top while smoking a cigarette out the front of a Westfield shopping center side exit. While I”m sure it”s a beautiful picture I”ve painted in your mind, probably not one I want to stylistically align myself to.

[ Lippy – Ruby Woo by MAC | Rose gold chronographic boyfriend watch – ASOS, similar here | Little Liars black liquid leggins – The Old Scholar

Fortunately for me Sydney based label Evil Twin came out a skater dress in a gorgeous velvet that has so far not been ruined. Their special brand of grungy, punk skater style is to the extreme of main stream, like garlic to a vampire. Enough to keep me interested and going back for more. While for Australians, Market HQ might be your best bet, you International kids can enjoy Evil Twin on Asos. In fact, if the “outer limits” velvet skater dress captured you like it did me, shop it right here.

Pairing one favorite Australian brand with others just makes sense and that”s why my Limedrop necklace was a no brainer. Limedrop is the brainchild of designers Clea Garrick and Nathan Price who from their output, take their work seriously, without letting go of their playful nature. I”ve had the pleasure of meeting them at markets and my sister & I immediate bought far too much of their jewellery  They”ve officially entered into the world of clothing which I”ve managed to show you a little of over here while visiting Mother & Father but I am so looking forward to seeing more of it. Let”s hope I can keep my wallet to myself this time huh? If you haven”t heard of them, definitely check them out, especially my fave and original loves here.

[Chunk Style Ring – Bubblegum Deluxe | Deer ring – Diva | Arty Ring – similar here ]

And since all good things come in 3″s, I had to add my “suck it” ring custom made at an awesome price point by Bubblegum Deluxe. Fun and delicious, these sprinkle resin rings are so cute and while I was taken by the Chunk Style “yum” ring, I just wanted something a little special and naughty. For lovers of cute, I know you”ll find something delicious to wear when you drop by.

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making a quick getaway


Dear Internets,

When you have to make a necklace to match your outfit, your know you”re in trouble. Statement necklaces have been a delightful addiction of mine and if you”ve been following the Aztec,  hardware or neon trend, I expect a few have made it into your wardrobe too. There”s nothing wrong with that either, in fact, its absolutely fantastic UNTIL you get a pretty new lovers lane Ladakh dress from The Old Scholar and your necklaces are talking too much and matching too little. I wasn”t very well going to not wear the dress, so if you”re encountering the same problem time and time again, I have your solution.

Enter Sarah & Sebastian, which you can purchase from The Dark Horse . A chic classic option that is likely to go with any outfits regardless of your favor for copper, gold or silver tones. Devoid of limiting color, this if you answer to staple pieces, something I sorely need. Don”t be fooled into thinking that simple pieces have to boring either. Tell me that cone ring isn”t going to make all kinds of versatile statements. If only I have thought of this early (see below for embarrassed grin)

The dark horse carry some other gorgeous labels too so be naughty and browse online, like I am right now.

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Dear Internets,

I like beautifully artisan crafted designer items as much as the next fashion blogger and being broke no longer seems excuse enough to dress poorly. This is the moment you might ordinarily wish for a simpler time like when you were in school, but have you seen the way school kids dress these day?

[Bag- thrifted | Ring – from India |  Raven claw cuff – Black as November]

It”s brutal going out and watching a 15 year old girl talking obnoxiously to her friends while she shuffles in that Jeremy Scott x Adidas scream jumper you”d been salivating over for what seems like forever. Fortunately that seems to occur with only 97% of enterprising teens. For the remaining 3% and their bigger sisters, creativity is a necessity to relevance.

SarahTeaa is always beautifully dressed and it can only be put down to a keen eye and an open attitude. Give her a random little store filled with crap and she”ll find gold. One of my favorite finds is this sequin number from the markets. Many would have walked away from the Nanna going to a matinee movie date” look of this top on the hanger but she clung to it and never let go.

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steals from her little sister


Dear Internets,

Necessary decadence is the spirit of purchase anyone from their teens knows. It”s when we give flexibility to the definitions of words like need and want to elevate our contentment. For all intensive purposes it is the difference between the calming relaxation of a bath versus a quick shower.

Everyone has a few Achilles heels on this topic, the most obvious one being jewelry, but why box yourself in to pearls, swarovski crystals and diamonds? Exquisite and expensive perfume is another option but we”re supposed to have a signature scent. My perfumes are more like mood rings, I have several, I wear them often and they are completely dependent on how I feel that morning. One of my fave”s picture above is Turquoise by Ralph Lauren…not sure if they make that anymore.

The last and ever increasing collection of mine is candles. Ones like Casa Collections candles by Pure Living  that are delicately scented, last for ages and come in nice glass jar you can use afterwards (here”s how to clean them , here”s ideas for use). The one pictured is Jasmine tea scented (which also happens to be my fave tea in case you have me over at your place) air purifying soy candle. It”s lightly fragrant without being overpowering and perfect accompanying my necessarily decadent bath or spreading the scented joy throughout the house. They”re about  $11 for 20 hour candles and $28 for the 50 hour ones which is a pretty good price point as far as candles go these days but if you aren”t a candle person, the soaps including liquid hand soap range from $12 to $19 roughly.

I have a feeling this collection is going to grow but a big thanks to Trish Nicol who got me started on this candle train. Remeber what that chic L”oreal who always says “because your worth it!” ? I think she”s onto something so tell me, what is your necessary decadence?

 ♥ pixelhazard
burning the candle at both ends thinking up puns