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Normally it”s all high heels, band aids and blisters but last week we gave our feet a rest for the Adidas united presentation. The two divisions, Sports Performance and Adidas Originals came together and down the very attractive catwalk in forty amazing looks.

We were most excited to take a closer look at the collaborative designer collections including Adidas by Stella McCartney, Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott and Adidas Originals by Kazuki. Partly because they are always completely amazing, partly because they run off the racks & I can never get my hands on them fast enough.

After sufficient time spent sipping our delicious Boost juice breakfast while mind shopping, we resolved to shop everything for real and slipped back stage. What we found was like a scene from the most terrifyingly glamorous unisex gym change room. To compliment everyone”s athletic build, Jon Pulitano for Redken created the perfect wet-look hair paired with dewy minimal make up by Natasha Severino for M.A.C.

The perfect look for this sporty brand was given a little renowned edge with electric blue mascara, which seems to be trending at the moment. Eventually drawing our gaze back to the clothes and shoes, I caught the glint of Metallica foil clothing, winged shoes and a perfect frilled tartan tracksuit. Why is it I never look that good in a track suit?

All snaps property of Bright Green Laces except for this one above from Little Hero

So thrilled with what we saw, we”re going to the Adidas store today to shop the current season. A big thank you to NAC media group for inviting us to give you guys the back stage scoop and Little Hero PR for the information. We”ll be bringing all our favorite snaps from the runway soon so keep those eyes peeled. You won”t want to miss it!

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Dear Internets,

One day in high school, my friend dragged me to the shops and demanded I purchase a basic singlet in any color I liked. I was about 14 which meant everything in my wardrobe was pretty basic so what had made her snap? Upon further investigation, it seemed that she had just about had enough of the lack of color in my wardrobe.

[Boots – Shubar from Hype DC ]

Living by a sea side town I don”t think she was accustomed to the constant barrage of dark blue denim, black, maroons and navy that occupied my wardrobe. A rather classic and chic color palette but one my peers did not appreciate.

[Necklace – Diva | Velvet Dress – Stolen from Sarahteaa | Leather jacket – This is Veda ]

One aqua colored singlet later and it was looking like I was hooked but black and basic is a resilient and virtuous little thing. It lurked and waited to win me over again and now while the switch was not as radical as the first time around, a balance is developing. No-one wants to look like they”re constantly attending a funeral and “circus” is not an every day aesthetic. Patient black, you”re back.

On another note, we”ve been interviewed by Posse. For those of you that don”t know is a great place to locate and share your favorite places, from bars and cafes to shopping destinations. On the flip side if you are a little lost and don”t know where to go, just type in a location and what you are looking for and it will come up with places people have listed with reviews. Pretty nifty especially if you”ve just moved and like a game, I”m a little addicted after being drawn in by the cute graphics. If you don”t have a street yet, have a look at mine to get a better idea.

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Cheers to the freakin weekend
I drink to that, yeah yeah

[Shades – MinkPink | Necklace – Sportsgirl | Backpack – Pulp Kitchen | Shorts – Motel Rocks | Boots – Betts | Jacket – ]

All things in moderation. Enjoying a summer festival & a cool drink with friends in the glorious daylight savings light is always a great way to end the day. We”ve got our summer casual gear sorted out with outfit posts coming soon but how about those aperitifs?

Oliver Stuart

I”ve got a new favorite, introduced to me by Frangelico brand ambassador Oliver Stuart. It”s pretty simple and with less fat content than a vodka lime soda, Oliver sure knew the way to a fashion bloggers heart. While we mixed up several different perfect for summer parties you can”t go past the classic Frangelico lime and soda.

The heady scent of Palm Beach candles, hazlenut & vanilla could make a nice perfume don”t you think?

Apparently the trick is to load up the glass full of ice, 45ml of Frangelico and 2 lime wedges (a must) topped off with soda water. While I”d always assumed this sweet refreshing concoction was going to be terrible, I think it”ll soon be my go to beverage that you sip all night between constant chatter.

With bloggers Hui from DailyAddict & Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle. Images courtesy of Simon food Favourites & Trish Nicol 

You know what they say, If you don”t tweet it, or instagram it, it never happen. We take our work very seriously. Alivin Quah, Masterchef Australia contestant was convinced we were talking to each other.

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Dear Internets,

These days on the streets if you happen to encounter a teenager you will notice one of a few things: many of them seem to den similar items of clothing in a various array of colours, they now wear what could be considered the “bare minimum” of clothing, and it”s getting somewhat harder to tell them all apart.

Wildfox”s Spring 2013 campaign “We”re the Kids in America,” draws on inspiration from Amy Heckerling”s 1995 film “Clueless” and shows us that it is possible to set yourself apart while simultaneously staying comfortable and on trend. “We wanted to change the current look that was on the street and show teens how to have fun with clothes.” The cute pastels mixed in with skeleton jumpers and number plate shirts are pieces that make it  simple to dress up your wardrobe while also channelling the teenager inside us all.

Being a teenager who was born in the “90s, I myself love this campaign. It reminds me of the grungey elements of the decade mixed in with the wardrobes of the American upper class, high school socialites depicted in Clueless. Wildfox have cleverly married these concepts and accompanied them with a modern twist to keep the collection fresh and new.

If you”ve completely fallen in love with the collection and you”d like to see more, you can find them here. So remember – dress to impress because you don”t have to be young to have fun.

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Dear Internets,

Like wheels on a bicycle, duets, and earrings, two is often said to be better than one. Since we like to give you our best, I”d like to introduce to you the newest member of Bright Green Laces: Laughs when she”s tired, beanie wearing, best brownie making Sarahteaa. She featured on here before occasionally and has a few posts brewing but in the mean time, we”re celebrating!

In honor to the expansion of Bright Green Laces, we”ve teamed up with  Tsardust and Sir Tulka to have a yard sale. We”re selling new stuff, hand made stuff and second hand gear as well…. even something for the boys. We hope you can come visit us before we accidentally buy each others things (a funny prospect perhaps but entirely plausible).

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