Dear Internets,

Like wheels on a bicycle, duets, and earrings, two is often said to be better than one. Since we like to give you our best, I”d like to introduce to you the newest member of Bright Green Laces: Laughs when she”s tired, beanie wearing, best brownie making Sarahteaa. She featured on here before occasionally and has a few posts brewing but in the mean time, we”re celebrating!

In honor to the expansion of Bright Green Laces, we”ve teamed up with  Tsardust and Sir Tulka to have a yard sale. We”re selling new stuff, hand made stuff and second hand gear as well…. even something for the boys. We hope you can come visit us before we accidentally buy each others things (a funny prospect perhaps but entirely plausible).

 ♥ pixelhazard
is getting her selling on

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