Dear Internets,


After two years of having an almost non existent summer, 2013 seems to be the year of it’s return and with an intense vengeance. While I wouldn’t call myself a beach person there’s nothing like nice soft lapping waves to cool you down, and I think my first visit to Platinum media was just about enough to coax me to the sea side.

Natalie from Lucy & the Runaways with the spoils of her victory

Greeted by a candy bar and champers to wash it down, I set about planning the remainder of my sun-kissed days drenched in one of mine and Sarahteaa‘s favorite skin creams, Aveeno. Now everyone knows a trip to the beach needs a few essentials : beach towel, skin cream, sun protection…..swimmers?


Being incredibly picky with my swimwear, it was with good fortune, that I was introduced to the extensive selection of  Jets swimwear. From classic monochrome to leafy prints and a little bit showgirl, it was tough to pick favorites. Never had I thought that having too many eligible swimwear options would ever be a problem for me or anyone for that matter.


Now that my swimmers are sorted, what next? Flip flops with a little glitz? That’s where Holster have you covered. I’ve ordered a jeweled pair of jellies with a little heel on it so when I accidentally bump into someone on the beach I don’t look entirely like a wet cat.


Not free from my shopping tyrade, I wandering eye caught the sparkle of Lotus Mendes jewellery. I left with a goddess ring ordered up and a 3 acts Foundation necklace in gold on my mind.  I’m all beach ready thanks to Platinum Media but knowing my luck, freak storms have me more prepared than a boy-scout and in wait of more sunshine.

♥ PixelHazard


Dear Internets


The comic strips of our childhood have long been lost somewhere under beds or wedged into bookshelves waiting for a day where they might once again reign supreme. After Lichtenstein brought then to our walls decades ago, it”s about time we”ve finally begun to pull some pop art out of our wardrobes instead of the company of dust bunnies.


While for me it started with Phillip Lim back in 2011 and ,  the pop art revolution has slowly evolved and reached those of us with lighter pockets. Since then Beginning Boutique, Sportsgirl and as you can see from my attire, C.O. by Cotton On, just to name a few have joined the list.


When a trend explodes like this, obsession can lead to the dreaded “over doing it”. The key to wearing pop art pieces which are quite capable of speaking for themselves is keeping it simple with basics and block colors. What could be more basic than a black skirt, handbag and shades. Never one to completely wallow in shades, my Japan pink Wittner shoes fit the bill nicely for that extra something. What do you think of the trend that”s been sweeping the world?

Outfit shots by Maggie of La Petite Mademoiselle.
Shades – Mink Pink
Top       – C.O. Cotton On
Belt       – Ten Bells from The Iconic
Skirt     – Asos
Shoes  – Japan by Wittner

♥ PixelHazard


Dear Internets,



Spoilt for choice, spoilt for inspiration and spoilt for killer bakeries, hanging out in Tokyo can spoil anyone. This is something I found out very quickly on my last trip to Japan. Among the racks of fake nails and fake eyelashes hung little plastic dinosaur necklaces and earrings.While at first I thought to myself “when am I ever going to wear a japanese dino necklace and what the hell would I wear it with?“, it seems my irrational brain won out and here we are back in Australia with “Steve the stegosaurus”.

[ Belt – Amour from Sportsgirl | Dinosaur necklace – Claire”s ]

On a day like today when all I want to wear is a basic black crop and high waist jeans, quirky bright plastic jewellery is the perfect low effort way to add a little color and personality to an outfit. Paired with my old acid wash denim jacket and gorgeous Sportsgirl Amour belt, Steve the Japanese Dino got a few strange looks and whisper but he doesn”t mind, he doesn”t understand English after all.


[Wearing: Jacket – Vintage studded acid wash DIY | Crop Top:| Jeans – highwaist black denim | Sneakers – Sketchers ]

♥ PixelHazard


Hello Webdudes,

I have a habit of roping friends into some often weird and wonderful things such as the Saturday Spooky Lunch hosted by Ms G’s last October.  Reen and Dan were my companions on this adventure, guided by my exclamations of how awesome it was going to be based on my previous experience at one of Ms G’s Hangover Brunches.

What could POSSIBLY GO WRONG at this mystery seven course lunch?

Surprise lunch
Ants on a Larp
Ants on a
Ants on

So, ants were on the menu. Real ones. Like, with faces and legs and stuff, looking at you with their little black eyes as you reluctantly shovel them in your mouth. (Meanwhile, Dan Hong was probably rubbing his hands with glee at the rolling out of his genius master plan on how many diners he could make squirm while taking their money. That and the reassuring words of the wait staff telling us how they totally wouldn’t eat what they were serving us)

Let’s get out of here!

ANYWAY. This is meant to be an outfit post, not a weird gross-out food post designed to make you readers vom and never visit this blog again (please don’t fire me, Reen …). As it was a Halloween-themed lunch, Dan and I decided to kind of dress the part, because that’s half the fun of Halloween!

Kicking it, casual-style, and playing it spooky with the fun motifs of vampires for Dan and mummies for me. It’s all cheekiness and vampire dentures up in here.

Continuing the Halloween theme with accessories. Rings from MANIAMANIA and Low Luv by Erin Wasson; Skull bracelet was a gift from my sister; Cross bracelet handmade by me.

This is our “grumpy Japanese street style” pose.

Dan Wears:
T-Shirt: Uniqlo
Jeans: Levi’s
Shoes: Nike
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Lee Wears:
Jumper: The Cassette Society
Tights/Catsuit: Blackmilk
Shoes: Dr Martens
Sunglasses: ksubi

Mariesa Mae

Hello Internet!

The other day I was walking through my local Westfield shopping centre and happened to pass Bras N Things with their lovely festive display of naughty Mrs Claus creations of bright red satin and fluffy white … somethings. I was a bit aghast as to the thought that people ACTUALLY BUY THIS WITH THE THOUGHT THAT IT IS SEXY.

Is this what the art of seduction has really come to?

Luckily, there is one lady out there who has recognized that there are some people out there who want some more ooh-la-la to their regular undergarments as opposed to the err-ha-ha that can accompany some of these shiny satiny nightmares. Just in time for the festive season, Mariesa Mae opened a pop-up store in Paddington and proudly showed off her cabaret-inspired collection on a balmy Tuesday evening with lychee martinis and a runway show organised by Runnng Romeo PR.

The show opened with a rather cheeky performance by Penelope Morgan before the models strutted their stuff in pieces from the collection. Unfortunately, the lighting was friendly for the non-pro people like me who came armed with the fantastic quality and functionality of an iPhone camera, so forgive the dark pictures.

The items on display were intricately detailed in black or white with clever cutouts and paneling  and not a flash of marabou feathers in sight. The show ended with a performance from the lady herself, Mariesa, wearing the bodysuit from the Mistinguett Sparkle collection (and probably my favorite piece from her designs!).

If i had to pick my favorite pieces that were showcased, it would definitely be the ones from the Mistinguett Sparkle range. It has just the right amount of glitz without being over the top and I love how it has the sexiness of sheer but is modest enough to cover up the rude bits!

At the end of the night, we all walked away with a cute little goodie bag containing a saucy little number, amongst other items. I wonder what my co-pilot for the night, Dan, has done with his?

Mariesa Mae can be purchased through the online store at


♥ Lee