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Spoilt for choice, spoilt for inspiration and spoilt for killer bakeries, hanging out in Tokyo can spoil anyone. This is something I found out very quickly on my last trip to Japan. Among the racks of fake nails and fake eyelashes hung little plastic dinosaur necklaces and earrings.While at first I thought to myself “when am I ever going to wear a japanese dino necklace and what the hell would I wear it with?“, it seems my irrational brain won out and here we are back in Australia with “Steve the stegosaurus”.

[ Belt – Amour from Sportsgirl | Dinosaur necklace – Claire”s ]

On a day like today when all I want to wear is a basic black crop and high waist jeans, quirky bright plastic jewellery is the perfect low effort way to add a little color and personality to an outfit. Paired with my old acid wash denim jacket and gorgeous Sportsgirl Amour belt, Steve the Japanese Dino got a few strange looks and whisper but he doesn”t mind, he doesn”t understand English after all.


[Wearing: Jacket – Vintage studded acid wash DIY | Crop Top:| Jeans – highwaist black denim | Sneakers – Sketchers ]

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