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After two years of having an almost non existent summer, 2013 seems to be the year of it’s return and with an intense vengeance. While I wouldn’t call myself a beach person there’s nothing like nice soft lapping waves to cool you down, and I think my first visit to Platinum media was just about enough to coax me to the sea side.

Natalie from Lucy & the Runaways with the spoils of her victory

Greeted by a candy bar and champers to wash it down, I set about planning the remainder of my sun-kissed days drenched in one of mine and Sarahteaa‘s favorite skin creams, Aveeno. Now everyone knows a trip to the beach needs a few essentials : beach towel, skin cream, sun protection…..swimmers?


Being incredibly picky with my swimwear, it was with good fortune, that I was introduced to the extensive selection of  Jets swimwear. From classic monochrome to leafy prints and a little bit showgirl, it was tough to pick favorites. Never had I thought that having too many eligible swimwear options would ever be a problem for me or anyone for that matter.


Now that my swimmers are sorted, what next? Flip flops with a little glitz? That’s where Holster have you covered. I’ve ordered a jeweled pair of jellies with a little heel on it so when I accidentally bump into someone on the beach I don’t look entirely like a wet cat.


Not free from my shopping tyrade, I wandering eye caught the sparkle of Lotus Mendes jewellery. I left with a goddess ring ordered up and a 3 acts Foundation necklace in gold on my mind.  I’m all beach ready thanks to Platinum Media but knowing my luck, freak storms have me more prepared than a boy-scout and in wait of more sunshine.

♥ PixelHazard

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