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The comic strips of our childhood have long been lost somewhere under beds or wedged into bookshelves waiting for a day where they might once again reign supreme. After Lichtenstein brought then to our walls decades ago, it”s about time we”ve finally begun to pull some pop art out of our wardrobes instead of the company of dust bunnies.


While for me it started with Phillip Lim back in 2011 and ,  the pop art revolution has slowly evolved and reached those of us with lighter pockets. Since then Beginning Boutique, Sportsgirl and as you can see from my attire, C.O. by Cotton On, just to name a few have joined the list.


When a trend explodes like this, obsession can lead to the dreaded “over doing it”. The key to wearing pop art pieces which are quite capable of speaking for themselves is keeping it simple with basics and block colors. What could be more basic than a black skirt, handbag and shades. Never one to completely wallow in shades, my Japan pink Wittner shoes fit the bill nicely for that extra something. What do you think of the trend that”s been sweeping the world?



Outfit shots by Maggie of La Petite Mademoiselle.
Shades – Mink Pink
Top       – C.O. Cotton On
Belt       – Ten Bells from The Iconic
Skirt     – Asos
Shoes  – Japan by Wittner

♥ PixelHazard

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