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Mink Pink, Quirky Circus and Evil Twin have to be some of my favorite brands. New, edgy and always containing something I want to add to my wardrobe, when I found that Some Day Lovin” was cut from the same cloth, I couldn”t help but celebrate. An interesting mix of awesome prints & current cuts tied together by great color palettes, their motto tells you all you need to know about this youthful brand.

Somedays Lovin

From the tag line you can probably guess it”s not the kind of clothing your grandma would send you for Christmas & thank goodness. Celebrating an era of change and dressing however you feel without being stifles Somedays Lovin is  “a tiny piece of everything you love about being Australian“. The locals will know it as honest, fun, a little naughty and cool as a cucumber but for those of you from overseas, think of it as a holiday you can have on a daily basis without having to sit next to that guy who falls asleep on your shoulder and drools the whole flight.


Never one to limit myself to just one collection, my old friend damaged denim jacket is from the upcoming Saturdays collection due to hit stores in March. The fitted 3/4 sleeves combined with the loose body trashed to perfection injects the current boyfriend trend into your wardrobe without making you look frumpy. The Delilah floral harem pants belong to the more recent Electric Boheme collection and can me worn low slung with a full leg length but for this look I chose to hike those babies up. The collection also contains dresses, tops and bottoms with this same gorgeous hydrangea print in a crepe look soft fabric which is unbelievably comfortable.


All the collections have really different aesthetics with the common cool vibe that allows you to mix and match effortlessly, shopping look after look without the worry of “what am I going to wear this with?“. Worn with my MIA pulp kitchen tee, Novo two tones heels and mirror earrings from Japan, Somedays Lovin slid easily into my existing wardrobe, amping it up a little. The best way to shop the Somedays Lovin collections is at Market HQ and THE ICONIC but if you”re looking for a particular piece you just can”t find there, you can also give a shot.



A big thank you to The Rumour Mill for the introductions, Somedays Lovin and I are very happy together & I”m sure we”re remain tight for a long time to come.



Dear Internets,


Having turned the corner of yet another wedding season, I was starting to run out of dresses that are wedding appropriate but would easily fall into my regular wardrobe. ‘Waste not want not‘ being a regular motto in my kitchen, it seems to have perpetrated the curating of my wardrobe. I am a rainy day girl…a hander on-er if you have no regard for proper English, but like all human’s I am also subject to impulse shopping. Such the way I was introduced to Three of something.


With back story that reminds me of the good ole TV show Charmed and their fabled power of three,  Rebecca Carmody, Jane Kidston and Bree Hay-Hendry are THREE OF SOMETHING. An Australian label with their sights set to international waters, this women’s fashion brand is youthful and edgy with collections incorporating looks that can be casual, edgy, party or a little bit fancy pants. Striking just the right preportion of pretty without being dated, pink and frilly, this dress was a natural choice at the Park Ave PR sale. Paired with some crystal jewellery, it’s off to a wedding I go with many more wearings in the wings. I guess the little added bonus is the way this dress seductively flips in the wind, revealing a little leg here and there.




Dear Internets,

Roses and chocolates for a girl on valentine”s day is a cliche, but why are there no cliche”s for the gifts for him? My money is on them being far too difficult to buy for, or simply showering them with everything you could think of at Christmas (as is often the case with me). Today we give you a few ideas to make V day a little bit easier.


1. While you don”t mind a trip to the beach, the words “budgee smugglers” insight fear into the core of your being. The faded boardies of yesteryear are a great improvement but just like most men wait for holes to appear in their underwear, you”ll probably find those ratty things are there to stay. Using V day to push our own agenda? Never! have the cutest summery board shorts that you will love to look at.

2. While we have things like Popbasic, or Glossy box for gifts that keep on giving, there”s not been much for the boys. Enter Svbscription; a service that delivers curated luxury items right to his doorstep and covers design, culture, technology ,apparel as well as entertainment. You”ll never have to think again, and how well rounded he will be.

3. You can deny it all you like  but at the end of the day you”re only lieing to yourself. Geek chic is in so why not embrace the nerdy side of our men and what says geek chic better than a gold Casio . Next time you need to know what the reduced sale price is of anything, the answer lies at your man”s wrist.

4. All trends seem to merge into one sometimes and individuality gets lefts at the way side. Palo have awesome collection of shades with wooden frames that are not only perfect for protecting your eyes but are a conversation starter. Lets hope this reduces the number of sports related conversations you have to take part in at BBQs.

5. We love our sneakers and it seems so do our men so for an item they can”t always splurge on, why not go crazy. Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott is a favorite go to collection of men”s sneakers, high tops and other crazy things. While you”re there, pick something up for yourself maybe?

6. You know that guy in the ad that stares at your new shoes with the appropriate level of joy and enthusiasm while making you your favorite chocolate cake? Yeah he doesn”t exist. Let get real and find other ways to coax him into the kitchen. A nespresso machine might just get him across the line and since he”s making you delicious cuppachino”s too, the coffee breath just cancels out.

7.I don”t know about you but I love buying new threads and not necessarily for myself. This faded blue denim shirt by Muchacho is just the thing for a smart casual look that might be missing for his wardrobe. While it”s not a brand we”ve previously explored, the colour palette is great with a combo of effortless basics that could suit most wardrobes.

8. We alluded to the old underwear with the holes in them? Well lets just nip that one in the bud too with some Mitch Dowd boxers that cater to all personal support preferences. Mitch Dowd not only provides the standard navy striped number that has been running the circuit for centuries (or so it seems), but there are cute beach themed designs and a collab with DC Comics that we just can”t get enough of. Available or in Myer stores.

Hope we”ve helped!



Dear Internets,


I’m generally one of those people who has to conjure up an outfit the night before to avoid turning up to events 2 hours late, but in some cases that’s just not an option. I think every person has a few things in their wardrobe that can easily be dressed up or down depending on where you’re going.


For me that’s my LBD (Little Black Dress). I managed to buy it from the markets for about $8 and it’s probably one of the smartest purchases I’ve ever made, validated by my mother who remarked “What a good buy, you wear that dress all the time.” The same mother who hesitantly agrees to let me buy things with the deep seeded fear that they will forever remain in my wardrobe with their tag on.


In this instance the cold weather allowed me to pair my dress with an over-sized knit gold jumper and some stockings. Over-sized jumpers are another essential piece for any wardrobe and sometimes simple things like gold glitter interwoven through the fabric make it that much easier to feel less frumpy.


Rings are another favorite of mine; as a teenager in high school I would stack them on both hands but as my taste has changed, so has my approach towards jewellery. I’ve always preferred gold jewellery to silver or rose gold because I simply find it easier to match with my wardrobe and recently i’ve fallen in love with thin wire rings, which is why I felt compelled to buy this Sportsgirl ‘love’ ring. The cube ring was a last minute addition that I purchased for my formal at the end of last year but has obviously come in handy since and red lipstick has always been an absolute favorite of mine.



♥ sarahteaa