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The black dress usually takes out the first sport on the “wardrobe must have” list, infact, I”m wearing one right now. With the shaddow of LMFW still looming and Sydney fashion week about the begin, it”s easy to forget this graceful classic for something more flamboyant but The Spirit of the Black Dress will keep you in check. An independent and non-for-profit fashion concept that
promotes the work of sustainable Australian fashion design is currently on exibit in Mulbourne until the 1st of April.

This free exhibition is being held at the Intercontinental at The Rialto on Collins Street in Melbourne’s CBD. The whole point is to promote emerging designers and bring attention to exceptional talent in
Australia (which we love) with a focus on sustainability (which we also love!).

This years judges include fashion and textile curator Paola Di Trocchio, creative director of sustainable fashion house MaterialByProduct Susan Dimasi, couture headwear designer and milliner Richard Nylon, editorial director of FASHIONTREND Australia Nikita Papas, and Editor in Chief of popular fashion blog StyleMelbourne, Sarah Willcocks.

The ten finalists for winning dress designs include Naomi Tettmann and Elke (Tettmann.Doust),Kathryn Beker, Christie Nicole Trowbridge (Christie Nicole), Cordelia Gibbs, Marion Liese &Christopher Hamblin (Marion LIiese, Renee Bock, Benjamin Ringuet (Ringuet), ShannonCarmody, Jean Cooper (Pink and Grey), and Viviana Pannell (Basquesse).


With all this new talent alound, it looks like we might be able to get a black dress thats makes the statement you”re looking for.


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