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Recently we Introduced you to Karen Yang & Belleville with the promise of more to come and since then, we know you’ve been holding your breath (you better have!). Well good news is, you can now exhale. We first spotted Karen’s work at the Sportsgirl National Graduate show and since then her prints and colors had us in a captivated trance. After playing dress ups with Lee, it looks like the trance has deepened.



Have you ever put on something that felt so nice against your skin you didn’t want to return it to your friend of that rack it’s chain onto. Yep, this was what happen to us. Apart from being statement makers, Karen somehow managed to work lightweight, temperature controlled and comfortable into the mix. I know this reads terribly like we’re describing apartments for realty ads but we’re not kidding! Judging for the amount shows Karen is doing at the moment, it’s abundantly clear that we’re not the only ones in love.


We had so many shots we loved, we couldn’t help but split this post in two. Details of Lee’s accessories and the clothing that has been paired with the Belleville line will be available in the next post. Follow what Karen is up to on her Facebook page, and lastly, Karen…if you decide to sell this collection, you know there’s a nice loving spot for it over here at Bright Green Laces.





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Featuring : Karen Yang, Belleville Collection
Photographer : PixelHazard
Stylist : Lee

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  1. not quite my style but i really admire people who can pull this off so well 😉 LOVE the zip detail on the last pic, all so very well put together!

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