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Someone told me summer is over. If I wasn’t a politer person who knows the breakdown of seasons to months of the year, I would have called them a dirty rotten liar. The sun has been beaming down its vitamin D rays for the past few weeks and despite it being April, it still feels like the beginning of the year? The beginning of the year always means ole four eyes needs a new pair of trendy frames.


I hate glasses shopping. It’s always a night mare finding frames I’m guarenteed to like for at least an entire year and then I’ve got to think of how comfortable, heavy, bold, and versatile they are before I break down and just purchance whichever of the 30 in my hands I haven’t accidently dropped in my ‘try on frenzy’.

Next comes the costing…”oh your eyes are special so we have to put jfsjkfbkgj on your lenses and that will cost another million dollars“. Ok so that might be a little bit of a hyperbole but you get the point right? The bottom line is less shopping for PixelHazard & I don’t lie the sound of that one bit!


Fortunately OscarWylee have cut down the anxiety significantly. In their 6 step process, all you need to do is search for your perfect frames on their site, upload your image easily via webcam, Facebook or file image at oscarwylee.com.au and try any of the frames in their virtual mirror. If you are a bit squeamish about trying before you buy, you can choose 5 favourites to trial at home free, head to the home trial checkout and follow the step-by-step instructions. Once your non-prescription sample frames arrive at your door you’ve got 5 days to see what works best, and then its just a matter of returning  the samples and  making your final selection via the online checkout.


The tortoiseshell Xanders with their lightweight Italian made acetate frames are probably my favourite, especially in the tinted sunglasses – perfect for this persistant summer sun. Check them out instead of dreading your next optical adventure!

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