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We’re mostly grown up now so the term “grounded” hopefully doesn’t strike fear in the core of your social butterfly hearts. It should now and forever more be known as one of your favorite Sasha-Rose collections. Her last collection, war stories, blew us away with its sheer overlays and cool leather pieces and now she’s come back with something completely different! Launching in August,  Grounded makes the most of all the lovely things around us, we’d never thought to wear. From red bricks, smooth stones to green grass ( a personal fave), we’re not building a house for the three little pigs, we’re hitting the town in a big way.


For the bolder amongst you there are some amazing shorts/suit sets, play-suits, clutches and the cutest loafers. If 100% print is about 80% too much, there are some beautiful staple leather pieces, timeless black numbers or a cheeky hint of print in details like collars and hems. With the cool weather sticking around, layering if your friend & Sasha-Rose has made it easier with clip in pieces so get ready to make a few purchases!


Now we don’t show look books often and some of you might be thinking, “sure a model with legs that never end looks good in it but what about me?“. Nora of Nora finds is gorgeous so I’m not sure this is much consolation but here’s a pic of her wearing some of my favorite grass print pieces at Sydney fashion week. She looked amazing and only consolidated my love for this collection.


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The Faders  (4)

A little while ago [over here] we introduced you to the fun “LIVE FULL VOLUME” campaign SKYY vodka had launched recently. Even in the lift down from the launch, inquiring minds were asking abut the giant posters we were walking around with and now it’s your chance to get in on the action. Around Australia, photo booths will be set up so you can enter to be the face of SKYY vodka, like the faders (pictured above). The winner is rewarded with :

• Becoming the face of Skyy with your photo on billboards around your city! 
• A cheque for $1000
• A years subscription to RUSSH Magazine 
• A case of SKYY Vodka 


The people’s choice winner  gets pretty much the same things minus the billboard. All that for getting your photo taken and having friends vote on Facebook. That’s really not bad considering how much fun we had and the amount giggling that was done when Lee & I gave it a shot. I’m sure you can do better than us so here are the locations!

QLD                  Easton’s Hill Hotel, 646 South Pine Road Albany Creek 4035      Friday 24 May 10pm- 1am
                                                                                                                                   Friday 31 May 10pm-1am
MELBOURNE  Big Mouth,168 Acland St StKilda VIC 3182                                  Saturday 25 May 10pm- 1am

                           Baxters Lot 302 Brunswick Street Fitzroy                                      Saturday 1 June 9pm- 12am
PERTH              Club Bay View, 12/20 St Quentin Avenue Perth WA                      Sunday 26 May 10pm- 1pm
                          The Leeeerville Hotel,Newcastle Street Leederville WA 6007       Wednesday 29 8.30pm-11.30pm
                          The Shed 69-71 Aberdeen Street, Northbridge, WA 6003               Saturday 1 June 9pm- 12am
NSW                 Coolibah Hotel, 15-25 Sherwood Road Merrylands, NSW 2160    Friday 14 June 8.30pm- 11.30pm
                          The Mill Hotel, 189 Beaconsfield St Milperra NSW 2214              Friday 14 June 8.30pm- 11.30pm
                          Miranda Hotel, 590 The Kingsway Miranda NSW                          Saturday June 8.30pm- 11.30pm





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As many of you may know, Blogger no longer lets you keep tabs on your fave blogs and now, google reader is calling it quits too! So you can keep up to date with Bright Green Laces, don’t forget to follow us on Bloglovin, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Click on the links in this post or click the follow tab in the top right side any time to join us!


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Diamonds, pearls blah blah blah…Ok who are we kidding, we love diamonds and pearls but in the current day of selling molds for mass production and steadfast trends, it’s hard to find a jewellery brand that fights against the current. With a big dose of Japanese style and a touch of drama, Romi Nam is my kind of people. Unafraid of the bold or different, when she assembled label “Illuminati”, it’s no surprise that I was an instant fan.

ring2 invites you to feed your inner wickedness with transcending sweetness and with an invitation like that, who can refuse? Whether it’s cryptonite springing from your fingers, saying your hail mary’s or bringing an extra cool to that cat lady vibe you’ve been feeling, Romi has you covered and then some. While the collection can certainly be described as edgy, there’s a sweet note of roses for the more demure tastes out there.


When I last saw Romi adorned in Illuminati rings, necklaces and pins, it drew my instant attention as the words “Ohh shiny!” bounced around in my head. Usually when this happens and I ask “oh where did you get that from?” the answer is something along the lines “From that country you are never going to visit in a million years” or “don’t bother, YOU won’t be able to afford it!“. Ok so I’m sure that’s not what they actually say since I don’t make a habit of befriending meanies but it is essentially what their delicate responses mean. The good news is, not only is it available online but ranging from $20 -$45 , the price point is delicious icing on this reflective cake.

kitty ring

Now the challenge is just deciding which one I want the most.



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Recently we attended MONA, a collaboration between celebrated Australian photographer Georges Antoni and Sydney-based accessories designer, Jo Scahill of L’Avion at the Rex-Livingston Gallery in Darlinghurst.



The event featured gorgeous photographs of roses by Antoni digitally printed onto L’Avion’s silk Crêpe de Chine scarves.  Scahill explained to the crowd that she hand-stitched each of the scarves to the canvas they are mounted on.  Proceeds of the sales of the framed scarves go to Telecross, who lend a friendly to the elderly and housebound living in remote areas of Australia by regularly contacting them via telephone to check on their wellbeing.






At the centre of the gallery was a gorgeous floral installation from Mr Cook – a tactile reminder of the subject matter of the MONA collection.  Guests sipped on glasses of wine from Jacob’s Creek’s Cool Harvest range.

Bright Green Laces was invited as a guest of Park Avenue PR.