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We’re mostly grown up now so the term “grounded” hopefully doesn’t strike fear in the core of your social butterfly hearts. It should now and forever more be known as one of your favorite Sasha-Rose collections. Her last collection, war stories, blew us away with its sheer overlays and cool leather pieces and now she’s come back with something completely different! Launching in August,  Grounded makes the most of all the lovely things around us, we’d never thought to wear. From red bricks, smooth stones to green grass ( a personal fave), we’re not building a house for the three little pigs, we’re hitting the town in a big way.


For the bolder amongst you there are some amazing shorts/suit sets, play-suits, clutches and the cutest loafers. If 100% print is about 80% too much, there are some beautiful staple leather pieces, timeless black numbers or a cheeky hint of print in details like collars and hems. With the cool weather sticking around, layering if your friend & Sasha-Rose has made it easier with clip in pieces so get ready to make a few purchases!


Now we don’t show look books often and some of you might be thinking, “sure a model with legs that never end looks good in it but what about me?“. Nora of Nora finds is gorgeous so I’m not sure this is much consolation but here’s a pic of her wearing some of my favorite grass print pieces at Sydney fashion week. She looked amazing and only consolidated my love for this collection.

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  1. If growing up means I can still dress up in cute clothes I don’t feel too grounded lol

    That green grass print romper is super cute as well! 😉


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