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Diamonds, pearls blah blah blah…Ok who are we kidding, we love diamonds and pearls but in the current day of selling molds for mass production and steadfast trends, it’s hard to find a jewellery brand that fights against the current. With a big dose of Japanese style and a touch of drama, Romi Nam is my kind of people. Unafraid of the bold or different, when she assembled label “Illuminati”, it’s no surprise that I was an instant fan.

ring2 invites you to feed your inner wickedness with transcending sweetness and with an invitation like that, who can refuse? Whether it’s cryptonite springing from your fingers, saying your hail mary’s or bringing an extra cool to that cat lady vibe you’ve been feeling, Romi has you covered and then some. While the collection can certainly be described as edgy, there’s a sweet note of roses for the more demure tastes out there.


When I last saw Romi adorned in Illuminati rings, necklaces and pins, it drew my instant attention as the words “Ohh shiny!” bounced around in my head. Usually when this happens and I ask “oh where did you get that from?” the answer is something along the lines “From that country you are never going to visit in a million years” or “don’t bother, YOU won’t be able to afford it!“. Ok so I’m sure that’s not what they actually say since I don’t make a habit of befriending meanies but it is essentially what their delicate responses mean. The good news is, not only is it available online but ranging from $20 -$45 , the price point is delicious icing on this reflective cake.

kitty ring

Now the challenge is just deciding which one I want the most.

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