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Our love for Adidas is nothing new. In fact you’ve heard about them from us here & here resulting in a prompt raid of our nearest store for the latest collection. Recently we were given the opportunity to preview the lastest from both Adidas Originals and Adidas x Stella McCartney. Like most design collaborations, there’s no shortage of thrills here but rarely do you find such a stark contrast in design within one brand. Like chalk and cheese or any other comparison you want to make, the difference between these two collections is almost palpable.




Adidas Originals is you slightly crazy older cousin who is too cool for school. You want to be like them, and your parents think they’re a bad influence. Unafraid of color, contrast and bold shapes, it’s a fun fair of attire put perfectly together. Fitted with monochrome Adidas classic tees and jumpers you can dial the crazy down whenever you like for the daily run around, but it’s nice to know the lunacy is available to you. The best thing is, most of it is unisex (or “boyfriend style” if you like) with the inclusion wet weather fancies like these bright anoraks which would come in handy right now in our neck of the woods. The east-coast of Australia has been mighty soggy lately.

Stella McCartney For Adidas - Fall 2008 1

The Stella collection on the other hand  is more like a fairy dream in which you are not only toned and athletic but look like a glowing model while exercising. The perfect motivation for fitness, these vibrant prints, metallics, cute black shorts and sheer paneling was made to be seen ladies! Built with you in mind you get comfort without compromise and finally,athletic shoes in colors outside of the “pink is for girls” spectrum! Speaking of the shoes, they’re now equipped with more technology that it probably took for the moon landing. The styrofoam looking thing the soles of your shoes are made of is called TPU. Give them a push and you’ll see the difference it’s going to make on your running performance while cushioning impact on your joints.



For those of you confined to a gym because of the weather or your preference, There are also cute matching shoes and gym bags in the latest range which I absolutely love. Can I just pretend I’m going to the gym to wear these? The tennis line is also a relatively new addition. Dipping into the past and bringing it forward, the flirty white skirts, tops and dresses will have you challnging contenders on the court like a pro…after that it’s all up to your skill. We can only promise confident cockiness on your part because of your new threads which is a lot more than you’ll get from those old track pants you’re currently sporting.



All these items are set to drop from now until August so make sure that you not only check it out, but keep on checking in, because I’m fairly certain some of these pieces will disappear as quickly as they appeared. Are you feeling Original or Stella?

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  1. definitely more a stella girl, though i love the look of some of the jeremy scott shoes too. i have a few stella pieces and i love that they’re not just beautifully designed but very much functional as well 🙂 wish their pieces didn’t sell out so quickly on the NAP sale..

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