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Slogan tees have become the new country bicycle. Everyone’s gotten on it and not being one to typically jump on band wagons (especially since I went through my phase about 5 years ago), I wasn’t expecting to be in danger of a purchase when visiting Top shop. Feel free to cue the “dumb ass” sound bite to play on reveal.

Wearing : Tee – TopShop | Boyfriend watch – ASOS | Earrings – market find | Choker – Dotti | Jean – ? |
Sneakers – BooHoo | Bag – Coach via Reebonz |

It only took two visits as part of my “if you really want it you’ll go back for it and if it’s meant to be you’re size will be available” approach combined with lots of um-ing and ah-ing before I raced to the cash register, Horror shirt in hand. One day I am sure I will cease to underestimate my lust for clothing but until then (to the actual horror of the Mr) I will remain an impulse shopper with lots of fun things I never thought I’d buy. Have you got an impulse buy vice?



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  1. That’s quite a fun tee! Not bad if you reasoned it out before purchasing! I’m guilty of making impulse purchases frequently, to either reach a spend for free shipping or because shipping would be too much for just one or two items, may as well get my money’s worth….haha. Sometimes the impulse buys work out, like your tee! Other times, well…wish I hadn’t done it!

    Away From Blue

  2. i love this outfit. totally understand the justification too – hee hee. i do the same thing when i accidentally impulse buy. btw your make up is gorgeous here, love the lipstick <3

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