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The French word Deshabillé (pronounced dez-ha-bee-ay) means “to be partially or casually dressed” or “to undress”. This Sydney based lounge and sleepwear brand created by Roslyn Gleave has a lot going for it. Beautiful prints and comfort to boot, Roslyn brings her fashion design experience to a place that’s often left unexplored – your couch. Yes I’m talking to all those of you who still live in your trackies and for whom the term “lounging” has an entirely different vibe to that which Deshabille conjures up.



Designed to be worn both inside the home and outside, you no longer have to make that difficult decision : “do I change to go buy the milk?….surely no one will see me“. They will see you! Stop wearing your flannelette twin set at the shops. I know onesie parties are all the rage now but unless you are an infant, there’s little excuse for me having to see that when I go to buy the groceries. OK I promise that’s the end of that rant.


A while ago, in celebration of Mother’s day, my lovely mum and I were invited to check out the Deshabille range. Since most of my at home clothing habit’s are modeled after what I grew up with, it seemed like the perfect idea. While the entire collection is rather beautiful, there’s a special place for the Pink Hope range, where a whopping half the proceeds support Pink Hope in their fight against ovarian and breast cancer.


Over delicious food at Pink Salt , we enjoyed what Mum later described as one of her most exciting mother’s days. A huge thank you to Deshabille and Portabello PR for making her day so special. Now for those who haven’t rugged up for winter yet, the cold is coming, there’s a sale on and this robe has your name all over it!

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  1. i always dread that emergency shop dash because i mostly lounge around in a shorts-and-tank combo that is horribly inappropriate for this weather haha.. what a nice event – you look gorg and your mum looks more like an older sister 😉

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