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Back when I introduced myself, I made mention of the fact that I pretty much live in flat shoes.  I hate wearing heels/wedges/any shoe that has its sole on a incline because I find that after about half an hour of having them on, I really, really, really, really want to take them off.  The sad thing is (for me, anyway), there are some events to attend where you just can’t get away with showing up in your favourite pair of sneakers or Doc Martens.

Enter Flipsters:


These nifty little things are a godsend for a big night out (or a small one, if you’re like me and have a low-high-shoe-wearing-tolerance).  Flipsters are foldable flats that come in a range of styles from sandals to loafers. This is great if you have long lumps of white dough for feet (i.e. me) that look terrible in ballet flats.  Today, we’re going to feature the Italian Loafers.



The main selling point of Flipsters is their ability to fold away neatly so that they fit nicely into your bag.  Gone is the fear of ending up like one of those girls who stumble along barefoot in the city at 2am on a Sunday morning with their heels in one hand and their dignity back at the bar!



Please excuse my massive case of lazy-eye.  The loafers are comfortable and don’t make my EU size 39 feet look too huge, which is a bonus!  I got a size Medium in these and I was initially worried they’d be a bit too big since their size chart nominates my size as the upper end of the Small in their chart.  Flipsters do recommend that you go up a size if you think they will be too small.  Thankfully they fit well on my feet and I’m not concerned that they would fall out while walking in them for extended periods of time.


And how about putting them away?  If you think it’s going to be like putting an umbrella back in it’s cover, think again! Where the folding magic happens is in the sole.  The flats fold away easily thanks to the marked-out triangle that guides the shoes to fold in on themselves in the same way every time.  This makes putting them back in their carry pouch super easy!

The full range of Flipsters can be viewed and purchased direct from the Flipsters website www.flipsters.com.au

♥ Lee


Dear Internets,


If you have spent any time listening to the radio, you might have heard a strong British accent storming our airwaves professing the excellence of Nextdirect.com. Ever a skeptic I wasn’t really sure what to make of Next direct and their clothing so when I got an opportunity to peruse them for myself, I was pleasantly surprised. It is all the things my wardrobe needs right now: strong classic colors and shades with a descent price point that still allows for quality and the necessary luxury items. With a long heritage in the UK, Next has just hit our shores and without completely abandoning their classic and work wear pieces, has injected a little youthful rebellious streak into their collection. Vast and varied in colors, if you want that top in white or that skirt in maroon, dammit, you are going to get it! With representation is 61 countries and a range for women, men as well as children, you have all your style influencing and gifting sorted out in one location.



I’ve already got a few favorites and considering I’m not a black and white girl, the fact that most of them fit in the shade spectrum is really saying something.





Surely I’ve banked enough awesome classic monochrome to let one vibrant piece sneak through? Have you shopped nextdirect yet? Let us know what you think.



Dear Internets,


Overlooking the water on a deceptively cold day, I was fortunate enough to hide behind the warmth of my camera lens and take behind the scenes shots of “Hola Mexico”, the Billini SS13 campaign shoot. With it”s vibrant sunset colored walls and aqua trim, Villa Biscaya was the perfect place to capture the vibrancy and intensity of next season”s footwear. All I was missing was a Mojito and a deck chair but I guess I”ll have to wait a little longer for that.


From sandals with hardware trim & clear panels to ballet flats, cut out wedges and chic heels, Billini has you covered for all occasions the summer sun could possible throw your way. Prices ranging from an affordable $20 – $80 dollars, keeping in check with the seasons latest trends doesn”t have to be an overly expensive venture either. The shoes in this shoot are just landing online at Billini.com or The iconic but if you”re more of a try before you buy sort of girl, check out Wanted, Tony Bianco, Freelance, DSW or Shoe shed. With so many options there”s really little excuse not to get your footwear fix.


Above: Billini”s 1st leather shoe “Lorna” features a wooden clog with lattice upper – $79.95




Above: “Glory” in white with metallic hardware & ankle strap – $79.95




Campaign photographer : Steven Chee
Hair & Make up : Katrina Raftery
Model : Britt Nicholas of Chic Management
All photos taken by Pixelhazard


Thank you Melissa from Billini for having us along for the ride. Can”t wait to see how the official campaign looks.



Dear Internets,


You know those people who have stuff you want…stuff you haven’t seen before? Yeah, I normally hate those people despite it being my increasing belief that I’m becoming one of them. Always a fan of overseas shopping sprees, markets & all things handmade, my home and wardrobe have become a collection of hard to procure or one off items. When you come over and you see that fairy light entangled teepee in my house and wonder where I bought it, my response will be “the markets”.  An event in of itself, the home style foods, cute brands to be discover , the awesome stuff I buy under the justification that I may not get another opportunity & hanging out with friends all contribute to the appeal.

LT Event Poster

For you Sydney siders, make sure you put away some of your Sunday to visit the Little Treasures pop up market. Tucked away in the heart of the city, it’s the best kind of secret. Just walking distance from Central station and filled to the brim with items from local creatives, emerging designers and bloggers, you are sure to find something to take home. The debut of this monthly market boasts stalls by Marikit by Kitty Choy, Dear Pluto vintage, Pigeon & Weasel Soy candles, Laurel & Hector vintage and many more. I can’t think of anything better to beat away the rain day blues. Hope to see you there.


Dear Internets,


You’ve heard about HK based brand Suck is Free and one of our fave Sydney stores, Estate of Mind just recently over here. Now it’s time for the correlating outfit post lunacy. Sit back, and pull some faces along with me so I don’t feel quite so mental.






AND just in case you haven’t been pulling faces along with us, here’s a look at some of the more crazy one off pieces for the SIF guys. Crazy right? All crazies need company! Outfit pics shot by Maggie of La petite mademoiselle