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Back when I introduced myself, I made mention of the fact that I pretty much live in flat shoes.  I hate wearing heels/wedges/any shoe that has its sole on a incline because I find that after about half an hour of having them on, I really, really, really, really want to take them off.  The sad thing is (for me, anyway), there are some events to attend where you just can’t get away with showing up in your favourite pair of sneakers or Doc Martens.

Enter Flipsters:


These nifty little things are a godsend for a big night out (or a small one, if you’re like me and have a low-high-shoe-wearing-tolerance).  Flipsters are foldable flats that come in a range of styles from sandals to loafers. This is great if you have long lumps of white dough for feet (i.e. me) that look terrible in ballet flats.  Today, we’re going to feature the Italian Loafers.



The main selling point of Flipsters is their ability to fold away neatly so that they fit nicely into your bag.  Gone is the fear of ending up like one of those girls who stumble along barefoot in the city at 2am on a Sunday morning with their heels in one hand and their dignity back at the bar!



Please excuse my massive case of lazy-eye.  The loafers are comfortable and don’t make my EU size 39 feet look too huge, which is a bonus!  I got a size Medium in these and I was initially worried they’d be a bit too big since their size chart nominates my size as the upper end of the Small in their chart.  Flipsters do recommend that you go up a size if you think they will be too small.  Thankfully they fit well on my feet and I’m not concerned that they would fall out while walking in them for extended periods of time.


And how about putting them away?  If you think it’s going to be like putting an umbrella back in it’s cover, think again! Where the folding magic happens is in the sole.  The flats fold away easily thanks to the marked-out triangle that guides the shoes to fold in on themselves in the same way every time.  This makes putting them back in their carry pouch super easy!

The full range of Flipsters can be viewed and purchased direct from the Flipsters website www.flipsters.com.au

♥ Lee

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  1. Can men’s Flipsters be a thing? We’re underestimating the pain of wearing a pair of stiff-ish brogues for the first time for 8 hours straight. That and I’m running short of space to keep my shoes. That and THEY’RE SO CHEAP.

    1. The Negative Nancy in me says that having mens versions will defeat the purpose of portability as man feet can get so big that you’ll still end up needing a half-decent-sized manbag to carry them around 😛

      Although, I’m sure the Lucky Canvas style of Flipsters would be easily adaptable for mens sizing (unless there’s a market for folding boat shoes or folding awfulpointyshoes).

    1. The great thing about these is that they look like regular shoes, unlike those party-feet-type of flats you get from the chemist.

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