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If you have spent any time listening to the radio, you might have heard a strong British accent storming our airwaves professing the excellence of Ever a skeptic I wasn’t really sure what to make of Next direct and their clothing so when I got an opportunity to peruse them for myself, I was pleasantly surprised. It is all the things my wardrobe needs right now: strong classic colors and shades with a descent price point that still allows for quality and the necessary luxury items. With a long heritage in the UK, Next has just hit our shores and without completely abandoning their classic and work wear pieces, has injected a little youthful rebellious streak into their collection. Vast and varied in colors, if you want that top in white or that skirt in maroon, dammit, you are going to get it! With representation is 61 countries and a range for women, men as well as children, you have all your style influencing and gifting sorted out in one location.



I’ve already got a few favorites and considering I’m not a black and white girl, the fact that most of them fit in the shade spectrum is really saying something.





Surely I’ve banked enough awesome classic monochrome to let one vibrant piece sneak through? Have you shopped nextdirect yet? Let us know what you think.


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