Dear Internets,


We’re not really grouchy people…..unless we’re hungry, or sleepy, or stressed out….or if we get rained on. Ok so that’s a lot of exceptions but tell me you’d be overjoyed in any of those scenarios? Anyway, that’s the besides the point! Like many of you, when I get a new item of clothing in my grasp, chances are I will want to wear it immediately, regardless of whether it’s suited to the next occasion or not. Unfortunately this time around, Sarahteaa & I got our hands on some of the DIAZ SS12/13 & AW13 collections & it proceeded to rain ENDLESSLY!


The result was a lot of sprinting & “accidental bitch faces” as we tried to get a shot in our lovely gear. Considering I’m wearing the Edo Tropica collection which follows the journey of the Ikawana-Maru, tropical dreams and tropical nights washed up on the boat of the first Japanese-Hawaiian settlers….let’s just say the weather was not appropriately adjusting to our theme. As a result you have our almost perpetual grouchy overshadowed faces to greet you. Some what misleading since the draped fabrics were so light weight & comfortable and can you find a cheerier print that love little pineapples?


Sarahteaa on the other hand, warmed by her School story blazer & nostalgiac, scholastic winter pieces seemed to have fared a little better. She even managed a less than damp smile in one of the shots which was nothing short of miraculous! Despite our bad weather & lighting luck, I have to say I still really love this emerging Queensland based label & looking through their website, it pains to me realize I’ve missed their Sportsgirl collaboration last year & have only just seen their jewellery collection….Crab hoop earrings. Need I say more?


Keep those ears and eyes open for Diaz, because believe me you will not want to miss out on this cuteness another time.







Diffusion line. It seems to be the buzz phrase lately with everyone getting in on the accessibility train, but sometimes the ratios can be a bit off. Instead of installing a little of your favourite designer into your wardrobe for an affordable price, you are fighting in a frenzy of shoppers for items of clothing you may or may not have otherwise purchased for the retail price : like cordial with just a little too much water in it. Sometimes it’s done brilliantly and I have a feeling this is one of those times.


Phillip Lim is coming to Target on September 15th but sadly, just in Canada & the US. Sadly they don’t ship internationally so my option is buying it highly inflated on eBay. Now might be the right time to ask if anyone wants to make a purchase on my behalf & send it to Australia? The diffusion line is the perfect balance of clean lines, amazing prints and luxury Phillip Lim is known for. The kind I would wait in line for way to early in the morning. The kind that makes designer bag owners in Malaysia irritated because everyone thinks they are carrying an exception market knock off… sure the last line is a bit of a stretch but those of you who have experienced this know what I’m talking about.

1 2 3


So what do you think? Will a little Lim be coming to a wardrobe near you?



Dear Internets,


Have you ever trawled through your computer, only to discover random photos you didn”t realize you had? While a great deal of our adventures are revealed to you here, on occasion we”re too lazy to document them on our camera”s, night time darkness proves to be too strong a deterrent or more pressing posts come up. Here is a #latergram version post. A year ago, Lee and I went gallivanting around town being general idiots in the mood to make purchases. While disappointingly neither of us bought anything (ain”t that always the way) we did take these stupid photos. Considering it”s a year on and they make me smile, I thought you might at least enjoy our idiocy so here it is in photos.

Lee wearing :
Leggings – Blackmilk | Top – Ksubi | Vest – DIY customised | Boots- Dr Martens | Bag – Louis Vuitton | Jewellery – Low Luv & Maniamania |







ME wearing:
Necklace – by   | Velvet crop top – Saree blouse from Indian | Draped wanderer vest – Joveeba | Shorts – thrifted | Sequin sneakers – Converse | Bag – Sportsgirl | Sweater saver – Black as November |





& A UNICORN SKULL wearing:

one teaspoon




Dear Internets,

I’m fairly certain more than 2/3 of our Bright Green Laces trio are broke but we live in oblivious hope that one day Sara Teaa will arrive in a suit of armor on a gallant white stallion hitched to a trailer containing everything on our list of wants. Until this happens, Lee & I shall torture you with the things on our “pay check to pay check” shopping list because if we’re going to be broke, we want to be in good company (that’s you guys). So look away if you don’t need more things to add to your list, otherwise, here’s Lee’s list:

lee col

T to B, L to R: Conflict of Interest Brawlmain t shirt $65.00 | Dinosaur Designs Shifting Plains ring $85.00 | Balenciaga cutout boots $1,295.00 |Ek Thongprasert necklace $795.00 | Illamasqua nail varnish in Geist $21.00 | Saint Laurent Sac du Jour $3,495.00 | Karl Lagerfeld Doura wool-blend & silk crepe de chine dress $320.00 | Dinosaur Designs large Bones bangle $85.00 |

Classic and mostly black Lee’s shopping list has me taking out personal loans & somehow being OK with it if I get all these pretty things in return. I took the more suburbia route of “ I’m sure I can tick these items off my list within the year “. Cookey but achievable, here’s my list:


T to B, L to R: House of Cards Swamp monster tee $99 | SOLES Anthony Kiedis shoes $139 | | Sophie Hulme Duck egg structured leather medium buckle tote $975 | Peter Alexander Brain Cos case $19.95 | Plush Zombie Slippers $24.99 | Mania Mania Theda Choker $390 | Ryder Crustacean Dress $189 | EAT.ME.DO Killer Python Bracelet $55 |

Enjoy the Lusting!


Dear Internets,


The shift dress is my consummate classic “little effort – high return” wardrobe piece and this season, Ebony Eve has their design paws all over the beautiful basics. Black, white & navy prints join Breton stripes and the occasional pop of hot pink to form must-haves for your wardrobe, now available for. The bonus with these pieces is you know a lot of design integrity and quality has gone into the work, and with everyone begging for a holiday, they are the perfect “throw in your suitcase & still have space for holiday shopping” items.


People often make the mistake of cheaping out on their basics too. Think about it. They are your wardrobe staples that you return to over and over again, wear the most and therefore will determine your comfort levels for most of the time. Why put up with stitching that isn”t quite right, itchy labels and design flaws. You know those cranky people? They”re the ones walking around everyday wearing outfits that cost less than your lunch.


Sarahteaa pictured wearing:
Ebony Eve palm shift dress
Ebony Eve Silk Turban
Chuck Taylor All Star Lo in blackMisc jewellery (Sarah”s own)