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I’m fairly certain more than 2/3 of our Bright Green Laces trio are broke but we live in oblivious hope that one day Sara Teaa will arrive in a suit of armor on a gallant white stallion hitched to a trailer containing everything on our list of wants. Until this happens, Lee & I shall torture you with the things on our “pay check to pay check” shopping list because if we’re going to be broke, we want to be in good company (that’s you guys). So look away if you don’t need more things to add to your list, otherwise, here’s Lee’s list:

lee col

T to B, L to R: Conflict of Interest Brawlmain t shirt $65.00 | Dinosaur Designs Shifting Plains ring $85.00 | Balenciaga cutout boots $1,295.00 |Ek Thongprasert necklace $795.00 | Illamasqua nail varnish in Geist $21.00 | Saint Laurent Sac du Jour $3,495.00 | Karl Lagerfeld Doura wool-blend & silk crepe de chine dress $320.00 | Dinosaur Designs large Bones bangle $85.00 |

Classic and mostly black Lee’s shopping list has me taking out personal loans & somehow being OK with it if I get all these pretty things in return. I took the more suburbia route of “ I’m sure I can tick these items off my list within the year “. Cookey but achievable, here’s my list:


T to B, L to R: House of Cards Swamp monster tee $99 | SOLES Anthony Kiedis shoes $139 | | Sophie Hulme Duck egg structured leather medium buckle tote $975 | Peter Alexander Brain Cos case $19.95 | Plush Zombie Slippers $24.99 | Mania Mania Theda Choker $390 | Ryder Crustacean Dress $189 | EAT.ME.DO Killer Python Bracelet $55 |

Enjoy the Lusting!

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