Diffusion line. It seems to be the buzz phrase lately with everyone getting in on the accessibility train, but sometimes the ratios can be a bit off. Instead of installing a little of your favourite designer into your wardrobe for an affordable price, you are fighting in a frenzy of shoppers for items of clothing you may or may not have otherwise purchased for the retail price : like cordial with just a little too much water in it. Sometimes it’s done brilliantly and I have a feeling this is one of those times.


Phillip Lim is coming to Target on September 15th but sadly, just in Canada & the US. Sadly they don’t ship internationally so my option is buying it highly inflated on eBay. Now might be the right time to ask if anyone wants to make a purchase on my behalf & send it to Australia? The diffusion line is the perfect balance of clean lines, amazing prints and luxury Phillip Lim is known for. The kind I would wait in line for way to early in the morning. The kind that makes designer bag owners in Malaysia irritated because everyone thinks they are carrying an exception market knock off… sure the last line is a bit of a stretch but those of you who have experienced this know what I’m talking about.

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So what do you think? Will a little Lim be coming to a wardrobe near you?


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  1. Damn why can’t they ship to europe too. I would have bought everything. Looks like we both have to check out ebay for this collection.


  2. i shopped the missoni collab with target using hopshopgo.com 😉 hopefully i’ll be able to do the same with this, no doubt the site will crash and everything will be sold out in two seconds flat but i know i’ll try anyway!

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