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We’re not really grouchy people…..unless we’re hungry, or sleepy, or stressed out….or if we get rained on. Ok so that’s a lot of exceptions but tell me you’d be overjoyed in any of those scenarios? Anyway, that’s the besides the point! Like many of you, when I get a new item of clothing in my grasp, chances are I will want to wear it immediately, regardless of whether it’s suited to the next occasion or not. Unfortunately this time around, Sarahteaa & I got our hands on some of the DIAZ SS12/13 & AW13 collections & it proceeded to rain ENDLESSLY!


The result was a lot of sprinting & “accidental bitch faces” as we tried to get a shot in our lovely gear. Considering I’m wearing the Edo Tropica collection which follows the journey of the Ikawana-Maru, tropical dreams and tropical nights washed up on the boat of the first Japanese-Hawaiian settlers….let’s just say the weather was not appropriately adjusting to our theme. As a result you have our almost perpetual grouchy overshadowed faces to greet you. Some what misleading since the draped fabrics were so light weight & comfortable and can you find a cheerier print that love little pineapples?


Sarahteaa on the other hand, warmed by her School story blazer & nostalgiac, scholastic winter pieces seemed to have fared a little better. She even managed a less than damp smile in one of the shots which was nothing short of miraculous! Despite our bad weather & lighting luck, I have to say I still really love this emerging Queensland based label & looking through their website, it pains to me realize I’ve missed their Sportsgirl collaboration last year & have only just seen their jewellery collection….Crab hoop earrings. Need I say more?


Keep those ears and eyes open for Diaz, because believe me you will not want to miss out on this cuteness another time.




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