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10 Years Sportsgirls Like State of Georgia 1

For years, my visit to the Sportsgirl city stores have resulted in me pouring over their “Sportsgirl Like” collaborations with designers like Leonard St. In celebration of 10 years of Sportsgirl Like designs, 13 exclusive pieces will be on sale until the end of October from the likes of Alpha 60, Life with Bird, Natasha, Romance was Born, Sara Phillips, Elke Kramer, Chip Chop & State of Georgia.



I for one have already got my eye on the Romance Was Born tie dye jumpsuit and State of Georgia cut out dress but if some Sarah Phillips or Elke Kramer were to join the party, lets just say I wouldn”t turn them away. The catch is, these collections will only be available at key Sportsgirls stores ie. Bondi, Booragoon, Bourke St, Chadstone, Chermside, Doncaster, Hay St, Melbourne Central, Parramatta, Pitt St, Queen St, Robina or Rundle Mall. Of course, the early internet capable bird does often catch the worm which is just a complicated way of saying .

collection range

If you happen to be at Pitt St Sportsgirl in Sydney on the 3rd of October, Elke Kramer and Sarah Phillips designers will also be participating in live chats in honor of the launch. While I know the pictures do not really do the clothing justice, have you found a fave?


Dear Internets,


It”s officially Spring but I think someone has their climate control on incorrectly. Yesterday we hit a scorching 35 degrees in Sydney and Summer is still a few months away. Still there”s no better excuse to lie on the beach, eat ice cream for lunch and a salad with Mojito for dinner. After all it is still important to stay hydrated and if that means we don”t have to cook, all the better.


Now clearly it”s time to dust off the summer clothes but somehow digging for an old pair of swimmers never gets me enthusiastic for the beach. Much like trying to start exercise after winter, the onset of hotter days usually also means the purchase of at least one new swimming costume and perhaps sandals and throw-on beach wear to match….we wouldn”t want to clash would we?


After years of having my mother price consciously purchase swimmers for me which essentially meant getting whatever was on sale, I have learnt that buying something current, in the right shape, size and patter/color for you is everything! Sure my mother would be appalled if she found out my last pair cost in the three digits but then again she doesn”t really get in the water, go to the beach, or will ever know (unless you tell her). One of my favorite picks at the moment is the two piece stripe & floral print number coming from the new Mink Pink swim range 13/14. Structured to maintain shape, and completely perfect, it goes so well with their Summer collection.


Sarahteaa in Maui Dress [purchase playsuit or beach pant ]


Sarahteaa holding Sun catcher dress [buy ]

In fact, when Sarahteaa & I went to check it out, we seriously struggled finding our favorite coverup. With so many gorgeous throw on dresses and awesome prints, we managed to narrow it down to 3 but this is not a drawing competition amongst kids….a winner must be named. For Sarahteaa, it was this flirty bright floral singlet top. Add a pair of denim shorts, Mink Pink shades, some essential accessories and sandals and we”re beach ready!




Dear Internets,


Though as Lorde suggests, we may “never be royals“, it”s not to say we shouldn”t aspire to something more than peasants. Surely such fine specimens as yourselves would be noblemen at least? With summer drawing near, we have a perfect career boost up the royal blue aquamarine blood line.


With Italian acetate frames, German hardware, purchased in an Australian boutique/or internet near you, it”s the world wide vacation you can afford, while looking a million dollars. Have we completely lost our scepter and crown? Not quite, we”re just subtly referring to our new shades by Royal Aquamarine. While relatively new, these guys are focused on the smaller important things in life : eye wear. With a dedication to creating classic frames that will last you a life time, they make the perfect investment piece without the large up from investment. Sarahteaa is pictured wearing in dark tortoise which would set you back around $129 (the starting price) going all the way up to $149 at the moment.




Exclusive to BGL readers : type “BRIGHTGREENLACES” at the check out and get 10% off your next Royal Aquamarine purchase.

I must also admin, I wouldn”t mind stealing her shoes and socks….OK so that is somewhat peasant behavior. We can”t behave royally all the time can we?


Dear Internets,


While our everyday clothing brands have been trying to keep up with the isolated Australia with it’s topsy-turvey seasons we always seem on step behind. In a bid to over correct this long standing problem, boohoo.com have come out with a “trend ahead” approach. Clearly the phrase “quit while you’re ahead” is not in the BooHoo vocabulary and if that means I get Monometric daisy prints, match sets and a little Monster Mash, bring it on!


It was difficult to pick between the variety of collections that are being released so Porcelain caters for the sequins lovers amongst us, De Janiero is for those of you you love summer and prints as much as I do and lastly, Mono scope monochrome cuteness with pops of color and for those who like me have been reading Mary Quant’s autobiography.


Now that we’re a trend ahead all we need is to get our Helen Dowsley lashes on and we are ready!



Dear Internets,


The red and white Camper logo has been recognized by my mind for so many years but has never popped into my head when I’m in need for a shoe shopping fix. Perhaps this is due to some misconceived association I have with orthopedic looking things donning my ‘far too young‘ feet. The fact is Camper has far exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts.

Here are some things I just did not know:

1. Camper makes footwear for Women, Men & Children. Read more about the kids collection at our Lifestyle blog, Little Bright Green.


2. Their shoes are surprisingly comfy because of the incredible zig zag and mango cheek looking soles and leather uppers so no more hush puppies and ugly flats

3. While appearing comfortable, when you put them on, they actually look amazing (as modeled by the uber cute Charmaine)


4. Camper collaborates so you get some really special footwear & cool concepts like the Twin collection where the shoes have a theme but the left shoe slightly differs from the right or the Love collection where your feet spell out what your lips don’t have to.



The next time I find myself complaining about my shoes being too uncomfortable or my comfy shoes being too ugly for words, I’ll stop dreaming of my milanese boaters and march myself off to a Camper store and get shopping. Hopefully when your shoes are biting your toes and ankles you’ll find some respite with me. Happy shopping!


p.s. Aussies, don’t forget to enter our giveaway