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The red and white Camper logo has been recognized by my mind for so many years but has never popped into my head when I’m in need for a shoe shopping fix. Perhaps this is due to some misconceived association I have with orthopedic looking things donning my ‘far too young‘ feet. The fact is Camper has far exceeded my expectations on multiple fronts.

Here are some things I just did not know:

1. Camper makes footwear for Women, Men & Children. Read more about the kids collection at our Lifestyle blog, Little Bright Green.


2. Their shoes are surprisingly comfy because of the incredible zig zag and mango cheek looking soles and leather uppers so no more hush puppies and ugly flats

3. While appearing comfortable, when you put them on, they actually look amazing (as modeled by the uber cute Charmaine)


4. Camper collaborates so you get some really special footwear & cool concepts like the Twin collection where the shoes have a theme but the left shoe slightly differs from the right or the Love collection where your feet spell out what your lips don’t have to.



The next time I find myself complaining about my shoes being too uncomfortable or my comfy shoes being too ugly for words, I’ll stop dreaming of my milanese boaters and march myself off to a Camper store and get shopping. Hopefully when your shoes are biting your toes and ankles you’ll find some respite with me. Happy shopping!


p.s. Aussies, don’t forget to enter our giveaway

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  1. mango cheek soles! that is such an apt description 😉 i’m still not convinced that camper is for me but the one that charmaine is wearing looks really nice.. and that my bestie swears by them!

    1. I wasn’t sure at first either but then I saw them on Char and they looked so good. The black pair would definitely suit you!

  2. That’s so true, pretty shoes are so uncomfortable and the comfortable ones are ugly as f…:D But these are so adorable, I love the mango zig zag soles and the that pair from Twin collection is my favorite!

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