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Over here in Australia, the sun has been melting away the winter chills. Being as impatient as we are, spring has been skipped in favor of jumping right into 30 degree summer days. The mango, strawberry and watermelon fruit salad is ready, we’ve ditched our boots for sandals and the beach is once again popular amongst more than just old people who don’t feel the cold or overly keen surfies. In celebration we’ve been getting our winter dried skin ready for it’s summer unveiling. Having been lucky enough to try a myriad of different products, it seemed only fair that we share the love with some of our readers. Here’s whats on offer:

Batiste dry shampoo, Gorgeous primer and foundation samples, Emery board, Le Tan bronzer, Paul Mitchell hair products, Compact mirror, Pure Fiji rescue gel, Dolly nail polish, Arganicare rejuvinating shampoo, Inika cream eyeshadow, Model co Mascara & Johnson’s face care.


Entering is simple and each method gets an entry. Just comment and let us know what you’ve done along with your e-mail address.

Competition will be drawn on the 27th September.


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