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Where did the year go? I remember complaining about the cold weather as if it were yesterday and now the Christmas trees are out, festival season is coming and the rest of the world is wondering how we do it all in the heat. Yes Norwegian friends, you may think it weird but we spend this time bbq-ing by the beach, melting pop-sickles in hand. While “flip-flops”, shorts and a singlet might be the standard uniform for every other day of summer, festivals need their own special consideration.

The gorgeous Aprilia from ApriliaLove.com & Mel from Flourished & Sunkissed.

We’re not kidding anyone by suggesting you wear jeans (the most ridiculous festival choice) so shorts should probably stay on that essentials list but while sandals are good for the beach, boots are the must have of this stomping ground. With allowances for wet weather and comfort to boot (pardon the terrible pun), they keep pesky bindis off your toes and mud from creeping in. Pick the right pair and you even avoid the blisters of straps from all that ferocious dancing you’re sure to be doing.



While any comfy bag works just as well, backpacks distribute weight more evenly and prevent sore shoulders. Remember you’ll be carrying sunblock, water and whatever else you whims might deem necessary for the entire day. Besides, you are never too old for a good backpack


L 2 R : Pixelhazard & Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle

CAMERA & CRAZYSure you may regret it later but festivals are made of terrible photos of you and your friends that you can reminisce over in your old age. Get crazy with those cat’s bum faces and just enjoy yourself. The performances, line up and weather can all be amazing but if you aren’t feeling the spirit of it it all, you aren’t going to enjoy it or feel motivated to trek around in the heat.


Mother nature has a funny sense of humor. Sunglasses are always going to be a good idea but keep that warm lightweight jacket on you just in case. Something that fold into your backpack or that you can tie around your waist without it being cumbersome is perfect. Come night time, you may very well need it, even if it doesn’t rain. Now that you’ve got all that under control, enjoy!




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No, it’s not a fancy beverage, but you may have seen the store popping up in a shopping center near you. I remember buying a much beloved denim vest from there years ago when no one knew the store existed and now I’ve come back for more after seeing their gorgeous SS13/14 range. A kaleidoscope of soft and romantic mixed with strong and assertive, the new collections have range with titles like Hello Hippy , 70’s Romance, Penelope’s Party, Tex Mex & From Paris with Love as well as their standard basics range.

You may have noticed my instant love for the matching sets and floral pieces on my instagram feed with pieces from the other collections soon to follow, because unlike many lusts of mine, shopping Cocolatte is very achievable. With an online store for those of us who don’t have a local and most of the pieces costing under $40 and most outfits being under $50, it’s the perfect way to stay on trend and shopping immediately without having to think about the bank balance repercussions. So does anyone want to help me shop another outfit? What your fave?




Photos by Nick Leary, styled by Charlotte Stokes



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Last week, we were invited to the opening night of Simon Harsent‘s The Beautiful Game exhibition at Darlinghurst’s Black Eye Gallery.  This is a bit different to what we usually bring to you readers, but I couldn’t turn down an opportunity to attend something football-related!  The 2014 FIFA World Cup feels like it’s just around the corner and this was the perfect event to kick-start my excitement for it all.


The now New York-based Harsent has combined his passion for photography and football with his photographs of stadiums devoid of players, referees and cheering crowds.  The photographs themselves are both beautiful and haunting.




Guests spent the evening sipping on Bulleit Small Batches (totally yum) and trying their luck with ingesting Picklebacks (ummm … INTERESTING?).






Photos courtesy of Black Eye Gallery – the rest of the photos from the evening can be viewed on their Facebook page.

The Beautiful Game is on until October 27.
Black Eye Gallery
138 Darlinghurst Road,
Darlinghurst, Sydney.




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Its been almost a year since I’ve had good takoyaki. It may have something to do with the fact that the last time I had it was in Tokyo, made and served up buy a guy aptly called Happy. Once you experience that, it just doesn’t work ordered up in a homogenous “asian” take out place. Getting lost down random streets and tripping up to boutiques and street food stalls was the life blood of the trip Sarah & I took at the beginning of this year.


The added bonus was that I could essentially wear whatever I wanted and as long as my make up was reasonable, there were no stares or questions asked as we invaded the streets of Japan. This knowledge is a strange and powerful thing and as you can see I took full advantage, mixing prints, accessorizing it up and getting my nerd on. All the Japanese girls would whisper at our supposed cuteness which at 5 foot 71/2 I don’t really get much of in Australia


Royal milk tea, crazy stores, op shops, bullet trains, customer service and Happy the takoyaki guy…I miss you all terribly. Japan is definitely a country you have to experience more than once.







Dear Internets,


Two wrists….count em…1…2. Any even though I only ever wear one at a time, watches are something I feel the need to have multiples of. It”s more than the fact there are so many different styles. Each pair I own has a story or memory attached to it and has generally been bought for me. My first watch was a gift from my parents. After pining over the classic mickey mouse watch, they finally bought me one and it was my pride and joy until I accidentally dunked them under the bubblers at school. Mickey steamed, the glass face feel off and the tragedy of that moment still haunts me.

watch collage

Since them I”ve received Swiss watches from relatives, my uncles retirement watch, one from my husband just before our wedding day and the list goes on. My most recent watch purchase may have also been my very first & what did I go for? I wanted something with metal straps, a “clicky clackey” clasp and a beautiful timeless design in the large style that has been so well embraced at the moment. Perfect examples are the pieces from Marc by Marc Jacobs which is as beautiful from the front to the back of the watch face ( & which I am currently coveting) , Armani Exchange or Michael Kors.


For the men, bigger seems to be better, as evidenced by the comical look on my face whenever I try on a male friends watch. The fact that these Diesel watches look as thought they have been ripped from the wrist of a rally car racer or perhaps more accurately, the dash or a rally car make them different. These coaster pieces are an awesome statement maker and gift idea for my Mr petrol head. Of course they may not work as well next to a hot pressed slim fit business suit cuff in which case Skagen has got it covered. I couldn”t really tell at first glance but man are these watches slim and come pre built with a story and history. Each design is representative of mother natures blue print and the classic simplicity is something I adore.


For those who are looking for something a little more fun or different, you just can”t go wrong with the Adidas range with all its brightness and spunk. The Karl Lagerfeld range also offers the opportunity to wear a miniature effigy in the form of a Karl Toki doki or if you prefer going it spy style, there are some awesome zipper watches you can”t even tell are times pieces and can be stacked to boot.kl

Fossil“s new offerings for Men and Women hail from the past in to the future and don”t just stop and watches. They had adorable little animal themed bracelets and fox coin purses as well as jewellery which to be honest I hadn”t looked into before. My personal favorite new thing right now are their leather. I can”t believe I ever went without and don”t think I ever will again.

fossil3 fossil2 fossil1

So now that we”ve done the wrist math and thrown the whole thing out the window, tell me, which one would you buy first??