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No, it’s not a fancy beverage, but you may have seen the store popping up in a shopping center near you. I remember buying a much beloved denim vest from there years ago when no one knew the store existed and now I’ve come back for more after seeing their gorgeous SS13/14 range. A kaleidoscope of soft and romantic mixed with strong and assertive, the new collections have range with titles like Hello Hippy , 70’s Romance, Penelope’s Party, Tex Mex & From Paris with Love as well as their standard basics range.

You may have noticed my instant love for the matching sets and floral pieces on my instagram feed with pieces from the other collections soon to follow, because unlike many lusts of mine, shopping Cocolatte is very achievable. With an online store for those of us who don’t have a local and most of the pieces costing under $40 and most outfits being under $50, it’s the perfect way to stay on trend and shopping immediately without having to think about the bank balance repercussions. So does anyone want to help me shop another outfit? What your fave?




Photos by Nick Leary, styled by Charlotte Stokes


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  1. I love that black western shirt. Beautiful styling! Thanks for sharing – nice to have more affordable labels around.. under $50 outfits are becoming more rare these days 🙁

    PS. Not the biggest fan of the Zara store either, I do most of my shopping online 🙂 x

  2. I wanna help myself shop another outfit!:D The black and green number from the second picture is my favorite! But how gorgeous are these shots, the clothes are pretty damn perfect and then the shots are just the icing on the cake…

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