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Where did the year go? I remember complaining about the cold weather as if it were yesterday and now the Christmas trees are out, festival season is coming and the rest of the world is wondering how we do it all in the heat. Yes Norwegian friends, you may think it weird but we spend this time bbq-ing by the beach, melting pop-sickles in hand. While “flip-flops”, shorts and a singlet might be the standard uniform for every other day of summer, festivals need their own special consideration.

The gorgeous Aprilia from ApriliaLove.com & Mel from Flourished & Sunkissed.

We’re not kidding anyone by suggesting you wear jeans (the most ridiculous festival choice) so shorts should probably stay on that essentials list but while sandals are good for the beach, boots are the must have of this stomping ground. With allowances for wet weather and comfort to boot (pardon the terrible pun), they keep pesky bindis off your toes and mud from creeping in. Pick the right pair and you even avoid the blisters of straps from all that ferocious dancing you’re sure to be doing.



While any comfy bag works just as well, backpacks distribute weight more evenly and prevent sore shoulders. Remember you’ll be carrying sunblock, water and whatever else you whims might deem necessary for the entire day. Besides, you are never too old for a good backpack


L 2 R : Pixelhazard & Maggie from La Petite Mademoiselle

CAMERA & CRAZYSure you may regret it later but festivals are made of terrible photos of you and your friends that you can reminisce over in your old age. Get crazy with those cat’s bum faces and just enjoy yourself. The performances, line up and weather can all be amazing but if you aren’t feeling the spirit of it it all, you aren’t going to enjoy it or feel motivated to trek around in the heat.


Mother nature has a funny sense of humor. Sunglasses are always going to be a good idea but keep that warm lightweight jacket on you just in case. Something that fold into your backpack or that you can tie around your waist without it being cumbersome is perfect. Come night time, you may very well need it, even if it doesn’t rain. Now that you’ve got all that under control, enjoy!



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  1. Ya, “winter” in the heat is a puzzler for us.:D But I wouldn’t mind trading with you for a day or two, this frigging rain is HORRIBLE. I need some fun in the sun – and in the shorts!:) I love Aprilia’s shorts and tank, that eagle is cool!

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