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Its been almost a year since I’ve had good takoyaki. It may have something to do with the fact that the last time I had it was in Tokyo, made and served up buy a guy aptly called Happy. Once you experience that, it just doesn’t work ordered up in a homogenous “asian” take out place. Getting lost down random streets and tripping up to boutiques and street food stalls was the life blood of the trip Sarah & I took at the beginning of this year.


The added bonus was that I could essentially wear whatever I wanted and as long as my make up was reasonable, there were no stares or questions asked as we invaded the streets of Japan. This knowledge is a strange and powerful thing and as you can see I took full advantage, mixing prints, accessorizing it up and getting my nerd on. All the Japanese girls would whisper at our supposed cuteness which at 5 foot 71/2 I don’t really get much of in Australia


Royal milk tea, crazy stores, op shops, bullet trains, customer service and Happy the takoyaki guy…I miss you all terribly. Japan is definitely a country you have to experience more than once.






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  1. If you think about it, it’s really sad people don’t get that much sartorial freedom elsewhere in the world… I say go for it, who cares about the stares, at least something interesting is happening in the starers’ lives.:) And I must say I do love your sneakers and skirt, dear, very very adorable!

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