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Nibbling at our cold fingertips in real mouse fashion…not really something we’re doing at the moment as Australia heads into a scorching summer but last year was one of the few times we got to experience a northern hemisphere winter. Tokyo provided the perfect warm days coupled with snowy nights for long enough to not get bothered by the sheets of snow collapsing onto passers by from tops of buildings or rejected by cab drivers who “don’t drive in snow”.


Dressing for combination winter weather can be hard to do but with cute accessories around we needn’t worry. Jeans and some good dessert boots coupled with a military style jacket usually did the trick and with three-in-one Minnie mouse beanie, scarf and gloves there was little weighing down our exploration of the city. The best part is, in Tokyo, dressing up like a cute mouse is all part of life. More cheese please!


Photos of Sarahteaa, photographed by pixelhazard

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