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Perhaps it’s being born too late in the 80’s to actually enjoy the positives it’s fashion had to offer (yeah there were a rare few), or maybe its the faint memory of my mum watching the “Achey breaky heart” video clip with scary enthusiasm? Whatever it might be, acid wash denim and red tartan has always had a place in my heart, so whenย Evil Twin released their sucker punch campaign, I was immediately on Market HQ trying to shop the collection.


Evil Twin enlist Byron Spencer and Leila Goldkuhl to wreak havoc on grimy neon lit streets. Setting things on fire, looking bad-ass and being a general deviant (the kind we all have on our shoulder on occasion) is all on the agenda. Sure we don’t condone pyromania but looking this good should be mandatory. I already have my eyes on the denim parka, shorts and anything in the eye print but I could certainly be tempted to add to that list.


With a very specific vibe, Evil Twin’s latest youthful offerings are sure to turn a few heads but the real question is will you be humoring the bad ass in you? Perhaps you’ve got a little taste for the campaign but need a little more convincing? There’s nothing like a good campaign video to change minds and entrance Paypal accounts.


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  1. Condoning pyromania or not, playing with fire and a can of whatever is just cool.:) No, it’s bad, really bad!! But it’s cool.:) Also is looking this good, I want half the stuff!

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