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Christmas is approaching and there’s always one person someone knows that is impossible to buy for. Here are my tips for a last minute buy!


1. Elliatt Mineral shorts (S13) $69
They’re bright, summery and in the most gorgeous print. These shorts are perfect for summer and can be dressed up or down. Each time I look at the kaleidoscope of colour, I get drawn in even more. The sizes run a little small so consider that when you place your order.

2. Holla oxide welcome mat from Surf Dive n Ski $29.99
Sure it might seem a little unconventional but what better for the person who has everything or tells their tiny wish list to everyone. Great for that friend who’s just moved out. I actually went shopping for welcome mats when I moved out and boy is it an ugly world out there. How cute is this!

3.Deshabille Morgana Beach dress $100
Rediculous-ly soft that is. My lovely blue Deshabille dress is comfy and they perfect throw on when I need to get out in a hurry or want to get comfy at home without compromising looks. They do a brilliant PJ and even have a line that helps out pink hope. Give back while you shop!

4. Demeter’s Rain cologne from Molten store $29
Mum says snakes like the smell of rain. If so, “hisss hiss” because I love it too. Currently I smell like lemons on a daily basis thanks to loccitaine. I can’t wait to move onto this Rain cologne. I also ordered dirt but for those of you who want something more normal, why not try sugar biscuit, cake batter or fig leaf? The scents at Molten Store are something special.

5.Georgini wide blue candy bangle “true love stories never have endings” $89
Truly sweet just like all the Gerogini bangles. I love these because they have such uplifting message you can wear around your wrist all day and give a glance when it’s not going so well. The gift that keeps on giving

6. OFRA lip palate $32
On my lightest make up day, a blushed lip and cheek never go astray for that dewy look. That’s probably why I am forever running out of the good pink toned lip tints in other palettes. This way,it’s all good!

7.Bondi Beach cruiser Iceberg in white $399
This is the big one kids. The one you pull out because she’s amazing or you’re not ie. you forgot her birthday earlier this year. I love my white cruiser like some men like cars. Perhaps it’s the illusion that I will look so frenchy and chic? Whatever it is, this one will get you major brownie points!

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    1. I think the Molten store stocks more than 6 but never at the same time cos they seem to run out. The scents are so spot on but definitely an ADP not an EDT so you don’t get all day wear in it. More subtle every day scent.

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