Santa Baby,

Sidebar: It’s always good to start these letters off a little schmoozey. Besides, he gets tonnes of “gimme” mail so I want my one to stand out. All year long I pour over beautiful things I want but when it comes to Christmas, mum’s the word. Part of it is the guilt of asking someone to spend money on me. The other part is what some would call my annoying belief that gift giving should be a thoughtful process where you search for something you know the other person would enjoy. Clues are ok but asking “what do you want & where do I get it?” is something I just can’t do. This means I often get little and it’s all up to Santa.


You are awesome and I’ve been a good girl this year. To make your job easier, I thought I would make a list of all the things that would make me cry out with delight on Christmas morning. The price range is quite large just in case you are experiencing the credit crunch in the north pole. Travel safe. x. Pixelhazard

1. Bi-fold Frida Kahlo wallet by Kitty Came home $65
By far the best wallet I have ever owned, now comes in such a rad print. Clear coin section so I never have too much shrapnel rattling around, nice and flat in my handbag and self sealing with plenty of card space. Is there anything more you could want from a purse?

2. The Mirage by Lack of Color in Camel Brown 56cm (with hat filler cos I have a tiny tiny head) $45
Chic and I know it’ll serve me well. The perfect “hide my hat hair” solution!

3. Cheese board and knife set $10
I’m an entertainer and cook at heart with a soft spot for soft cheeses. This gift is for you too because no one leaves my place hungry

4. Leather full skirt by Tibi $998
Any full skirt will win my heart but the ones by Tibi are by far my fave. I know I probably won’t be able to wear this until winter but some things are worth the wait.

5. A laptop
Something reliable, internet and graphics software capable that looks pretty would be great. I don’t have my heart set on any model in particular but a girl cant dream right?

6. Jamie Oliver BBQ Griller Utensil $10
See I’m not looking to break your piggy bank. All my awesome childhood memories of summer involve beaches and back yard BBQ’s and now I’m all grown up it’s about time I started new BBQ grilling traditions

7. Jamie Oliver terracotta drizzler $10
What can I say but drizzle drizzle. Bruschetta anyone?

8. A magazine subscription.
Magazines are my guilty pleasure.”Guilty” not because it’s embarrassing but because I spend far too much of my money on them. The gift of guilt free reading is a lovely thing.

9. Rainbow boots by Windsor Smith in white size 9, $199 (edit: now 30% off)
Many would argue that the last thing I need is a height boost but to them I say these shoes are too cool to conform to height rules. Sure I’ll feel like an amazon and possibly alienate everyone around me but it’s worth it!

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  1. I think gift should be something thoughtful and not just a tell-me-what-you-want-and-I’ll-get-it-for-you thing! I can jut go to the store and buy anything I want myself then… That full length skirt’s really cool, that would make a great gift, agreed.:D

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